The Greek Village- WR

the greek village in warner robins

Last week I picked up my niece for dinner and she decided she wanted to try something different. Which made for a perfect opportunity to expand her foodie education with a visit to The Greek Village in Warner Robins. When we got there she seemed a little nervous about the menu options and I didn’t want her to order anything too Greek during her first visit. Greek food is something you have to experience slowly over a period of time. So we started slow and ordered an appetizer of Tazaki and Pita Bread. Which is really not an appetizer, it more like meal. It may sound funky, but the Tazaki is creamy, tangy and a whole lot of delicious. My niece loved it and she really liked the warm soft pita bread.

For dinner, she ordered a burger (the safe choice) of course I didn’t give her a hard time. When I first started ordering Greek, I always did the safe choice too and that was the Chicken Slovakia. However, a few months ago one of the waiters suggested I try the Pasta Hubama, its blackened chicken and shrimp served on a bed of bowtie pasta with a sweet and spicy sauce. I always take the wait staff suggestion when trying new dishes, they usually open my food horizons with great advice. This was no exception. Pasta Hubama instantly became my new favorite Greek go-to dish. 

Along with my pasta I got a Greek salad, with a name like Greek Village you have to assume their Greek salad would be the best south of Santorini. It’s such a hard decision between the Lemon Chicken soup or Greek salad, this time I opted for the Greek salad. Always a solid choice with lots of fresh feta, lettuce, onions and an amazing Greek dressing. I really like all the tomatoes and olives that top off the perfect salad. Sometimes, its almost too pretty to eat, but that never happens for me.

When our meal arrived, I could tell by the happy-yummy sounds my niece made with every bite of her burger, she loved it. Safe to say, she'll be back for more Greek style burgers soon. Of course, I inhaled my entree as if it was the last Greek dinner ever to be served. It did cross my mind to just stop and take some of it home, but let’s face facts, I wasn't going to share it with anyone in my family.

The Greek Village offers an overall excellent casual dining experience. The food is awesome, the staff is very friendly and the owner always takes the time ask about the quality of your meal. If you decided to go, make room for some of their fancy desserts, my husband and I love the “Crazy Cake” it’s 8 different layers in one cake! You know what they say “OPA”

Greek Village Restaurant

1801 Watson Blvd
Warner Robins, GA
(478) 918-0093