Tokyo Alley

tokyo alley

Located in a secluded back alley in historic downtown Macon is only one reason this hot little Asian spot stands out. It’s one of those places you either know someone who takes you there or you explore the city and stumble upon it entirely by serendipity.  No matter how you find it, you are going to love Tokyo Alley. The atmosphere is quiet with back-alley coziness. On any given day the large dining crowd clues you on the fact that a lot of people who know about this quaint little gem of a restaurant.

The menu is short, but I can assure you everything on the menu is simply amazing. One of my favorite dishes at Tokyo Alley is the Red Curry; it’s absolutely one of the best Curry entrees in town. The chicken is all white meat carefully cut into tender chunks so it’s easier to eat. The curry is rich with a little kick and the flavor just dances off your tongue.  Toyko Alley’s is secret is to keep the offerings simple and focus on the choice ingredients that for delicious experience every time.  One of my first outings at Tokyo Alley a co-worker of mine said “I am all about noodle salad and cheese rolls”. She was not lying, the noodle salad is exquisite and the cheese roll is beyond outstanding. I haven’t been to Tokyo Alley when I haven’t ordered one or the other of those two delights. During this visit I thought about it a lot and ultimately convinced myself there are NO calories on Tuesdays. So, I ordered both!  If you go to Tokyo Alley on a No Calorie Tuesday  then feel free to also throw in an order of those perfectly prepared fried wontons.

The Noodle salad took me a bit of convincing. I kept asking myself…it’s just cold noodles in what looks like a mayonnaise dressing. WRONG. It is a heavenly mixture that leaves a lasting impression and has become one of my favorite side dishes anywhere. I usually go with a few friends that usual forego the rice in place of double noodles (Carb addicts unite).  Tokyo Alley also features a fabulous orange chicken which makes for a hard decision when compared to the Red Curry, so I recommend trying both of them. Since they serve nice sized portioned meals, try both those dishes in separate visits.  

If you haven’t been able to go there, you need to make a serious effort to visit Toyko Alley. They are open for lunch which is usually when I go and don’t forget to order a cheese roll and noodle salad. I promise you, you will love it! If not, you probably have broken taste buds.

Hours of operation:

Monday - Thursday  11am-3pm
Friday  11am-3pm & 5pm-9pm
Saturday  5pm-9pm
Sunday   Closed

547 Mulberry Street Lane
Macon, Ga 31201