Top 5 Alcoholic Summer Drinks

Some alcoholic drinks can make the summer weather feel even hotter, but these classic beverages are sure to keep you cool!  From a traditional southern classic to James Bond's favorite drink, we are sure that you will find a drink to enjoy on this list.  So check out our Top 5 Alcoholic Summer Drinks and let us know your favorite. 

1.  Mint Julep - 1842 Inn

We are pretty sure that the 1842 Inn is not the first place that pops to mind when thinking about drinks, but they make a fantastic Mint Julep.  This traditional southern drink is simple, tasting, and refreshing.  So if you are looking for a unique date night or evening out, try enjoying a a mint julep are you rock you cares away on the porch of the 1842 Inn.

2.  Mimosas – Lemongrass

Not only does Lemongrass have a great brunch menu, but they also have one or the best offer ever!  Bottomless Mimosas.  That's right, you can drink this refreshing treat to your hearts content.  Mimosas are a simple drink, just champagne and orange juice, and are light and cooling to the palate.  So grabs some friends and head to Lemongrass this weekend and toast to a great summer!

3.  Perfect Margarita (frozen) – El Sombrero

If you are dining at El Sombrero, then a frozen margarita is a must!  This drink is perfect, not to sweet, not too strong, and seems to magically stay frozen until you drink the last drop.  The magic may also be that the gatekeepers drink their margaritas so fast that there isn't time for it to melt!  But anyway, this drink can be ordered on the rocks instead of frozen, but with triple digit temperatures we recommend the frozen version.

4.  Martini – Tic Toc Room

Whether shaken or stirred the Martini is a classic drink.  The Tic Toc Room makes some of the best Martini's in town, and is the perfect place to grab a drink and cool off.  If a traditional Martini is too strong, then try one of the many specialty Martini's on their extensive beverage menu. 

5.  Vodka Cranberry – Hummingbird

Next time you are at the Hummingbird checking out a great new band, try a Vodka Cranberry drink instead of your usual.  The bartenders at the Hummingbird know how to mix drinks well, and you will definitely taste the vodka in this drink. 

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