Top 5 Girl Scout Cookie and Beer Pairings

Forget cookies and milk, let’s pair some cookies and beer!

In the next few weeks, Central Georgia area troops will begin flooding neighborhoods and offices with the coveted boxes of seasonal bounties.  What better way to wash all those delightful Girl Scout cookies down than with a perfectly paired beverage?  With the many flavor possibilities in beer ranging from chocolate to citrus we set out in search of creative options to pair with your favorite Girl Scout cookie.

1.  somoas

You can’t get enough of these crispy wafers enrobed in toasted coconut and chocolate, and a few styles of beer bring out the best in Somoas better than a Scotch ale.  This cookie variety calls for an equally respectable Scotch ale beverage like a New Castle Scotch Ale.  This heavy ale's thick band of malty sweetness combines with the lush coconut and chocolate of the cookie to bring both to new heights of deliciousness.

2.  thin mints

The mint will overpower most flavors, but not in the case of the exotic blend of 13 ingredients in Samuel Adams Thirteenth Hour.  With 13 ingredients,  the makers at Samuel Adams combined the roasted chocolate and coffee flavors of a stout with the complex spicy character of a Belgian-style ale aged in oak for a deep, robust, and captivating brew that will complement the minty flavor of your Thin Mints.

3.  tagalongs

The vanilla, chocolate, and peanut butter flavors from the Tagalongs sound like Aides-de-camp to Blue Moon's light, spicy citrus flavors that compliment the Valencia orange peels in the beer for a subtle sweetness. 

4.  Do-si-dos

Let the flavors of the Do-Si-Dos dance with the balance and rich texture of Dogfish Head 61.  Sixty-One captures that tradition in a bottle and marries two Dogfish Head innovations: beer/wine hybrids -- which Dogfish has focused on for well over a decade with beers.  

5.  trefoils

The classic shortbread, usually served with milk or tea, would pair well with Terrapin Beer Company's Terrapin Rye which was released in Athens, Georgia in 2002.  When pairing shortbread with beer you want to look for a pale ale that will not overpower the cookies.

Consider washing down those Girl Scout Cookies with something other than milk with this Top 5 List