Top 5 Fall Food Destinations

The time has changed and so has the weather.  Middle Georgia’s six month summer seems to finally be over. Let us celebrate with our favorite fall food destinations. Cooler weather calls for comfort food, so lets round up our faves shall we? 

1.  The Bear's Den
It’s always warm and cozy at the Bears Den is it not? With Thanksgiving just around the corner, everyone is salivating over Homestyle favorites like mac and cheese and pineapple casserole.


2.  Joe D's
Its feeling like fall so lets say “Soup,Everybody! “ Get to Joe D’s for their chili, vegetable and whatever other delectable soups are on deck that day. 



3.  Grow
As a farm to table restaurant we love knowing that we’re eating the best middle Georgia growers have to offer this fall. We hear cabbage, collards and spinach are all on the menu right now- get down to Grow for some leafy greens that’ll do a body right after all that Halloween candy that just HAD to be eaten! 






4.  The Casserole Shop and Bakery
The Casserole Shop's Heat and Eat meals are ready for the oven! You can buy them straight out of the refrigerator for dinner tonight, or from the freezer for dinner this weekend! The Casserole Shop and Bakery offer so many options that you might be tempted to ask, “Which is the most popular casserole?” From quiches to casseroles, seasonal vegetables to appetizers and dips, Every Southerner has a favorite go-to casserole, but at The Casserole Shop and Bakery there is always room for more.



5.  Tokyo Alley
Curry is the ultimate comfort food for the fall season and you can get your fix in the heart of historic downtown Macon at Tokyo Alley. This 'Hidden Gem' serves up some of Macon's most exciting dishes and unique ambiance.  Every dish is created using only the freshest ingredients with sauces that are made fresh daily. No matter what you order, you are going to love Tokyo Alley. 

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