Top 5 Food To Go

Some evenings you just want to pick up your dinner on the way home and sit down to a hot meal in a Styrofoam container complete with a plastic Knife, Fork and Spoon set. Our Gatekeeper have put together this TOP 5 List for the Best Places to get dinner To Go. We even added a mobile friendly map for each location to make your To Go experience as easy as possible.

Tropical Flava

With a convenient location, fast turnaround time on to go orders and some of the best Caribbean food to be found anywhere North of Jamaica, Tropical Flava is our a great choice for dinner on the run. They serve big, heaping portions of freshly prepared food and a varied menu they can offer something for every taste bud in the family. There is generally plenty of parking choices to get in and out with ease. While we recommend calling this To Go order in ahead of time, you can still get fairly fast service if you arrive early enough to place an order in person. If you get it to go, you MUST try an order of their Mac & Cheese. It is practically an entrée on its own and if we had a TOP 5 list for Mac & Cheese Tropical Flava’s would be near the top.

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Place your order in advance at (478) 257-6667

Chinese Food To Go

Everyone loves Chinese To Go and it just so happens we have a TOP 5 list for the Best Chinese Take Out restaurants in Macon. When we first ran this TOP 5 list it was an instant hit with our fans and generated a ton of engagement on our social media channel. So, if you are in need of a good meal to go home with then check out our TOP 5 Chinese Take-Out list first.  Spoiler Alert! The #1 choice on this list is Ming’s Restaurant on Forsyth Road in Macon.

Get your Meat & Three on the Go

When it comes to Styrofoam dining options Middle Georgian’s love their Meat + Three restaurants. Most Meat + Three southern style kitchens are known for getting food on your plate or out the door in a hurry. For this Gatekeeper, Dawson’s Kitchen is the go to favorite for getting it to go! They offer a buffet style food line that makes decision making easy, there is never a long line and you can grab some great desert treats from their bakery selection. The location is fairly easy to get to and they have a big park lot for a quick dash in and out dinner to go. The rest of the TOP 5 Meat + Three Restaurants have been conveniently written up for your review here:

Fresh Air BBQ

If you love BBQ and you want to bring home a meal for the entire family then Fresh Air BBQ is your best bet. The Macon location even offers a Drive thru window to make your To Go experience as easy as pie. The service at the drive thru is very fast, but the food tastes slow cooked with love and care. If you have a big crew waiting at home Fresh Air offers party size portions of all their favorite menu options. You should call ahead if you plan on feeding a small army, but if you just need three of four plates to go, no worries just pull up and placing an order. If you go be sure to add some of their homemade brownies for desert and get the extra-large sweet tea to go as well.

Phone it in for large orders (478) 477-7229

Pizza To Go

You can’t go wrong with this staple!  Pizza is the pinnacle of the food trilogy.  You know the holy grail that is Pizza, Chinese, and Mexican food.  So when you just can’t bring yourself to cook dinner, just call up your favorite pizza place and let them do all the work.  Need help deciding who to call?  Check out our Top 5 Places to get a Slice of Pizza.

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