Top 5 Funniest Beer Names

Just Tap'd carries a variety of different craft beers, but a few will leave you in stitches! Craft brewers tend to have a great sense of humor and it definitely comes out in these 5 knee-slapping beer names.

1.  Brett T-Shirt Contest by Rivertown

We've all heard of a wet t-shirt contest, but if we had to guess there probably aren't many people out there who would want to be soaked in Brettanomyces, the earthy yeast that is used to make funky beers.

2.  Muffin Top by Clown Shoes

As yummy as it may sound, this muffin top actually refers to a roll of fat visible above the top of a pair of tight-fitting low-waisted pants. Yum!

3.  12th of Never Ale by Lagunitas

While the name of this beer may not be super funny. The description sure is! The side of the can reads, "As the river styx and the final pig took flight, when the last winged monkey departed the darkly fragrant Netherlands, as wishes became horses and all the beggars rode under a newly-blued moon at dawn on the very 12th of Never: the second to last craft brewery in America pressed the green 'start' button on their canning line. We wanted to be the Last Small Brewer in the US to can their beer and maybe, finally, by now, we are."

4.  Undead Party Crasher by Clown Shoes

Formally known as Vampire Slayer, Clown Shoes was forced to change the name due to a copyright lawsuit. Thus, their label displays an angry gentleman stabbing a werewolf copyright attorney with a wooden stake.

5.  Breakfast Stout by Founders

Because who doesn't want a beer with a baby on the front?