Top 5 Gas Station Dining

Truck drivers know all the best gas station!  So our gatekeepers reached out to our road warrior friends to come up with the best gas station dining around.  Check out this list of the Top Gas Station Dining and let us know your favorite.

1.  Marathon on Corner of Walnut & MLK

277 Walnut Street, Macon, GA

"This gas station has great chicken and breakfast."
Guest Trucker Gatekeeper


2.  Exxon Mobil on Hwy 247

498 Georgia Highway 247 S, Bonaire, GA

"Believe it or not, this gas station has Pork Chops and Burgers!"
Guest Trucker Gatekeeper

3.  Circle K on Riverside Drive

2580 Riverside Drive, Macon, GA

"This gas station is my favorite because the have a special deal on Taquitos and good hotdogs."
Guest Trucker Gatekeeper

4.  Enmark on Mercer University Drive

3311 Mercer University Drive, Macon, GA

"This gas station has a hotdog bar."
Guest Trucker Gatekeeper

5.  Citgo on Bass Road

1607 Bass Road, Macon, GA

"The overall cleanliness of this gas station is hard to beat.  Plus they have a great deli!"
Guest Trucker Gatekeeper

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