Top 5 Girl Scout Cookie and Wine Pairings

Girl Scout cookies aren’t just for kids anymore.

Before you tear open the box and polish off a whole sleeve, consider washing those Tagalongs down with something other than milk. Because in a world passionate with pairing food and wine, including Girl Scout cookies in the game has evolved into an adult-oriented art form.  This year, ditch that glass of milk for some grown-up juice: wine. 

1.  tagalongs

Pairing anything with Tagalongs could lead to sweet success.  But in this case, sweet reds are the way to go.  A red wine with its own sweetness, like a Zinfandel, will taste great with the creamy peanut butter and chocolate.

2.  somoas

Toasted coconut and chocolate are best met with a sweet dessert wine or a sparkling wine.

3.  do-si-dos

A light bodied and fruity Riesling will bring out the aromatic flavors of peanut butter and shortbread.

4.  thin mints

Skip the milk and reach for a Merlot instead; even a Pinot Noir will do.  These wines are rich enough to match both the dark chocolate and mint flavors.

5.  trefoils

Shortbreads have a rich, buttery taste that is best balanced by the fresh and crispy taste of a sparkling wine or a southern Chardonnay.


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