Top 5 Non-Alcoholic Summer Drinks

These cool summer treats are sure to make you forget the hot temperature outside!  From milkshakes to smoothies, our gatekeepers have found the best summer beverages.  Check out these Top 5 Non-Alcoholic Summer Drinks, and let us know if your favorite made the list.

1.  Pineapple Upside-down Shake (The Rookery)

If you are looking for a cooling summer desert drink, then head to The Rookery!  The pineapple upside-down shake is the liquid version of the cake.  It is absolutely delicious and a gatekeeper favorite.  Once you try it, you will understand why it is the number one pick.

2.  Date Shake (Roasted Café & Lounge)

The Famous Date Shake from Roasted Cafe & Lounge is a summer time must have beverage!  It is so good that you will want another before you've finished the first one.  What seems like a simple vanilla milkshake with chopped dates, tastes like so much more once it hits your palate.  So next time you are enjoying lunch at Roasted, be sure to order a date shake too!

3.  Tortoise and Hare Milkshake
(Taste & See Coffee Shop)

Vanilla bean ice cream, espresso, caramel and a secret ingredient create the magic that is the Tortoise and Hare Milkshake.  Whatever the secret ingredient is definitely makes this summer drink a favorite on the Taste & See menu.  With temperature in the triple digits, you will surely switch from coffee to this cool summer treat. 

4.  Ultimate Breakfast (Fountain of Juice)

The name of this beverage describes it perfectly!  The ultimate breakfast combines all of your healthy breakfast favorite into the perfect smoothie.  So whether you want to cool off after you morning workout or want a healthy breakfast on the go, be sure to try this popular Fountain of Juice staple.

5.  Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Fruit Freeze (Jittery Joe’s Mercer Village)

Strawberry drinks can be tricky to master, however Jittery Joe's has cracked the code.  The Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Fruit Freeze will definitely hit the spot on a hot summer day!  SO whether you are studying for summer finals or just want to treat yourself  after working out in Tattnall Square Park, be sure to add this drink to your must try list.

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