Top 5 Places to Dine Healthy Part 2

Our gatekeepers know that you are determined to keep those healthy living resolutions.  Check out part 2 of the Top 5 Places to Dine Healthy.

1.  Grow

1019 Riverside Drive
Macon, GA 
(478) 743-4663

Grow is a Farm to table restaurant with locally raised meats and locally grown organic vegetables.  So, if healthy dining is what you are searching for, then eating lunch at Grow is a MUST!  Lunch is served Monday –Friday from 11am-3pm, with great tasting healthy options.  All dishes are prepared with no MSG, additives, or preservatives.  There are also numerous vegetarian options available daily, which compliment to great regular menu options.  Local’s know that Grow is a great place to eat, and not have “food guilt” afterward.  

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2.  Adriana's 

359 3rd St
Macon, GA
(478) 742-2255

This downtown favorite is the go-to soup, salad, and sandwich lunch spot.  Located on Third Street, Adriana’s offer 2 soups, and you can create a salad suited to your taste.  They also offer daily entrees if you are craving something heavier.  The best way to describe this healthy dining option is this; Adriana’s is like a high-end cafeteria with a healthy twist.   

3.  Ocmulgee Traders

455 Poplar St
Macon, GA
(478) 345-6162

Ocmulgee Traders in downtown Macon combines a fabulous cafe with an upscale urban grocery market.  Whether you want a grab-n-go lunch or dine in the internet café, healthy dining options abound in this unique urban space.  The Turkey Lurkey sandwich is a gatekeeper favorite, but there are numerous other options.  You can also supplement your dining experience with selections from the grocery market downstairs.  

4.  Michael's on Mulberry/Between the Bread

588 Mulberry Street
Macon, GA
Between the Bread (478) 743-3999
Michael’s on Mulberry (478) 743-3997

This cornerstone of the Macon restaurant scene offers two exceptional dining options in one location.  By day it is Between the Bread, and by night it is Michael’s on Mulberry…kind of like Clark Kent and Superman.  Between the Bread offers a variety of specialty sandwich and salad options that will keep you coming back for more.  Michael’s on Mulberry offers excellent food as well ranging from the Fresh Fish of the Day to the signature Michael’s Salad.

5.  Back to Edenz

3348 Vineville Ave.
Macon, Georgia

This completely vegetarian restaurant made all vegetarians in Macon rejoice collectively! Served buffet style, and priced by the pound, this restaurant is for anyone interested in trying “meatless” meat. Their proprietary family recipe for “meatloaf” is simply out-of-this-world, and make sure to try other southern staples such as “fried chicken” and “sausage” gumbo. Vegetarian food is so much more than just putting vegetables on a plate!  If you don't believe that, then let the staff at Back to Edenz prove it to you.​

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