Top 5 Macon Restaurants With the Best Customer Service

A fundamental part of any restaurant is its customer service. It doesn’t matter how magnificent the restaurant décor is or how enjoyable the food is, if the service doesn’t meet or exceed customers’ expectations, there is a good chance they won’t come back. 

We asked you to tell us which restaurant in Macon had the best customer service and the response was amazing!  The votes have been tallied and the results are in.

1.  the back burner

Award winning Chef Julio Rosas and the entire staff of the The Back Burner Restaurant invite you to come enjoy cuisine and exceptional service that is recognized by many as the best in Macon.

2.  natalia's

Since 1984, Natalia has been dedicated to serving her patrons, both in the restaurant and in their homes, with a level of class and style - a sparkling professionalism emancipated through culinary innovation.

3.  rOOKERY (tie)

The Rookery is owned by Wes Griffith and Chad Evans, who are both local enthusiasts and have been in the service industry and entertainment field all of their lives.  See Wes and Chad's many years of service industry woven throughout the great food, great atmosphere and the excellent personal service at the Rookery.

3.  brasserie circa (TIE)

Paired along with exceptional cuisine and his well-trained wait staff, Cesare Mammarella and his staff know their customers and their needs very well.

4.  jim shaw's

Voted Best Seafood Restaurant in Macon, GA, Jim Shaw's is a Family Friendly Seafood Restaurant located in the heart of Macon's Mid-Town district.  Shaw's serves affordable fresh seafood in a friendly and welcoming setting, which is what makes locals keep coming back for more.

5.  downtown grill

The Downtown Grill is an upscale, brick-walled English steakhouse that specializes in prime cut Black Angus steaks, fresh pasta dishes, fish filets and decadent desserts. This fine dining restaurant also delivers excellent one on one customer service that has been essential to Downtown Grill's success.

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