Top 5 Restaurants in Warner Robins, GA

With so many delicious food options in Warner Robins, we were surprised at the votes each restaurant received. We know that Warner Robins residents really  do have their favorites. 

1. Siagon Noodle House
Located on 247 in Warner Robins. The Siagon Noodle House is great for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. Their authentic Vietnamese dishes are prepared using only the finest, freshest ingredients full of exotic flavor. Everything I've tried there is amazing. I really enjoy the Pho, it always hits the spot. 

2. El Jalisciense Mexican Restaurant
This place is always busy, even with 2 locations. A great place to grab a drink and dinner that won't cost you a fortune. The cheese dip is always good and so is the strawberry margarita.. or so we've heard. Everything is made in house and is always fresh. Personally, we love the chicken burritos with their red sauce.

3. Thai Pepper

Located on Russell Parkway, next to Gotwalls Books, this is a must try in Warner Robins. They have everything from noodle dishes, curry dishes to sushi. If you haven't tried Thai Pepper, you should. Everything is made to order fresh and they have a very cozy atmosphere. 

4. Greek Village

The perfect place if you are really a fan of Greek Food. This is a small restaurant, but don't let the size fool you. You can get some pasta dishes or traditional dishes like gyros or spinach pie. If you are in the mood for dessert, they also have amazing cakes. Try the "Crazy Cake" it's 8 different cakes in one!!

5. El Bronco

Who can't love a place called "El Bronco"? El Bronco Mexican Restaurant in the Warner Robins Georgia offers a broad selection of authentic Mexican style food.  They have the highest standards and are dedicated to serving the freshest Mexican food with excellent service in a clean, comfortable, and friendly environment.

Just Missed The List:

Jimbo's Pizza aka Shakey's Pizza- This place is an institution. My mother-in law and father-in law have been married over 33 years and this is where they had their first date. This is also the first place my husband took me to lunch when I cam here to visit. Still one of our favorite places. Since it's become Jimbo's nothing has changed and we are happy about that. The food is always great, the staff is friendly and it's just one of those pizza places that can make anyone happy.

just missed the list:

Metropolis- With a blend of Greek, Mediterranean and Indian food how can you go wrong. This place has quickly become a favorite to many people living in and around Warner Robins. I must say if you go, you have to get the Greek Sampler it's just amazing.