Yabu Sushi


Let’s be honest, it’s hard to find a sushi place that makes you want to hang out.  If you’re like me, you want to put on something nice, and leave the restaurant not smelling like food!  Most sushi places in Macon are a Sushi/Hibachi restaurant combination, complete with flying, sharp cooking utensils being flung at you for entertainment.  Well finally Macon has a true sushi restaurant that feels like a high-end lounge, and won’t break the bank.  Yabu Sushi is a welcomed edition to the downtown restaurant scene. 

The sushi is crafted with care, and leaves you feeling refreshed instead of weighted down.  The lounge atmosphere is great for groups, and this restaurant pick would definitely make a great impression on a first date!

As with most restaurants managed by the Hot Plates Group, the servers are well-trained, groomed and provide attention to detail. Yabu wait staff is no exception, upon arrival the staff was attentive and eager to serve. The Sous chefs were all business as they carefully crafted each roll order with precision. A seat at the bar affords a close up view of the chefs at work and of  course it is a well stocked bar catering to any taste in adult beverage. 

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