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August 25, 2015

Have you ever traveled around Macon, seen something in need of service or repair and wondered how to get someone fix it?

Thanks to the designers of the app SeeClickFix, reporting non-emergency issues in Macon is just a click away.

SeeClickFix is an app that allows community members to report local, non-emergency issues that they feel ought to be addressed by the appropriate office in their government.  Users can report items ranging from public safety, such as storm debris and broken or missing traffic signs, to public image, such as dilapidated buildings or dirty alleyways.  Users have the option of adding a photo and a GPS location. Once an issue as been submitted, it is visible to all users of the app, who are then able to vote on the issues they consider most important.

Users who report issues to the Macon government using SeeClickFix are able to track the progress of their submission, vote for other issues to be addressed quicker and the ability to comment on reports and issues in their neighborhood and surrounding area.  All reports submitted to the Public Works and Central Services Departments can easily be tracked and residents can see how submissions are being addressed.

Chris Floore, director of public affairs for Mayor Robert Reichert’s office, helps oversee the Macon SeeClickFix app. According to Floore certain issues however, such as public safety, are often automatically prioritized. “One evening,” he said, “we received a report through SeeClickFix … that a stop sign had fallen over. It was fixed the next morning.”

Just recently, Macon's SeeClickFix expanded its platform and is now allowing users to send direct submissions to the department of Traffic Engineering.

According to Floore "We are currently working to get non-emergency requests for Animal Welfare added to the system."

SeeClickFix is a free app and can be downloaded on your iPhone and Android devices.


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