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Top Pick for Beer and College Football

September 23, 2015

Nothing says more about a Southerner than the team he cheers on Saturdays.  Nothing goes better with football than beer.  So what better place to watch this weekend's football game than at Macon Beer Company

It's a BYE weekend for Mercer Football, but the University of Georgia is playing Southern this Saturday.  According to ESPN, the main attraction in the Georgia vs. Southern game just might be halftime show.  Georgia will likely beat Southern on Saturday, but the Bulldogs don't stand a chance at halftime when the Jaguars' 'Human Jukebox' band takes over.  Why not head downtown and watch this weekend's SEC teams battle it out on the flat screens at Macon Beer Company? 

In case you don't know, Macon Beer Company is a production brewery located in the Heart of Macon, Georgia. They have a unique perspective on brewing that comes from their Brew Master, who happens to also be a Professional Chemical Engineer. Macon Beer Company's innovative recipes and techniques result in both brewing efficiency and beer quality beyond industry standards. Macon Beer Company  has wild ideas and overly technical methods but that’s simply a manifestation of our passion to make your mouth happy.

For more information on Macon Beer Company and their tastings and tours, click HERE

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