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King Cake's at Wilson's Bakery

February 12, 2018

For the biggest party held every year in the French Quarter, it’s only fitting to have the most stately grand of them all, a King Cake.  King Cakes are a sweet roll that’s part delicious and part festive. As it's name implies, the origin of this colorful, oval-shaped dessert is embedded in royalty and rich in tradition. With Fat Tuesday just a day away, discover the real meaning behind the signature baked good of Carnival season in New Orleans at Wilson's Bakery in Warner Robins.

Monday morning Wilson's Bakery will be making a big batch of king cakes and invite you to come by this afternoon or all day Tuesday to pick one up!

Visit Wilson's Bakery online for more information about their amazing King Cakes or follow them on Facebook by clicking HERE 



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