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Christmas at the Ballpark

December 15, 2018


While baseball is months away, there is always a good reason to come down to the ballpark.  On Saturday, December 15th from 5-8PM the Macon Bacon will be having Christmas at Luther Williams Field.

You can get your picture with Santa, create your very own Christmas ornament, hang out with Kevin, enjoy free hot chocolate/popcorn and watch the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

How much will this cost? Nothing! We just ask that you donate bathroom/bedroom supplies (see the list below).
Donations of Bathroom and Bedroom Supplies such as:

Twin Bed Sheets
Men's Deodorant
Multi-blade Razors
Toliet Paper
Shower Shoes (any sizes)

Cash donations are also welcome.  Donations will be made to the Rescue Mission and other local charities

For more information about the Macon Bacon or this event, visit them online. Click HERE to RSVP to Christmas at the Ballpark.

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