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BarSmith Apprentice Program

January 24, 2019

Late Nite is introducing its first Bartending Workshop for 2019. Late Nite would like to make this a monthly event for bartenders and enthusiasts alike looking to refresh their bartending skills or learn how to make certain drinks at home on their own, or people just interested in learning a new skill.

This is a private event with limited seating, only 15 tickets will be sold per event (just enough to fill the seats at the bar!).

Expect to learn about the history, gastronomy, and exact preparation of 5 cocktails found on their menu + 1 advanced creation from the BarSmith himself. Each guest will receive a demonstration on how to make 6 drinks, a graphic PDF how to packet of all drinks presented in the workshop, and also receive a sample pour (1 half a serving) of each drink made. Additionally we will be giving away tools of the trade, like tumbler sets and bar mats to our first 15 ticket holders. So, you won't walk out  empty handed or sober!

Ryan Smith of BarSmith is the premier bar consultant in Middle Georgia and has helped design some of the most popular nightlife spots in Macon including Late Nite. Ryan has a vast knowledge of all things alcohol and is super excited to share some of that
knowledge with you when you attend this workshop.

For more information about this workshop click HERE 

Each person will get to sample the drinks (which will be quite a few) so it will be a fun, interactive atmosphere for everyone. Then the bar will open to the public at 9pm for its regular Thursday night dance party.

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