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Top Pick for Musical Revue and local talent showcase

February 04, 2015

 The Macon Civic Club is pleased to announce its 2015 annual revue, Heartbreak Hotel.  Through music and comedy, Heartbreak Hotel tells a story that we have all experienced - the excitement of young love, the heartbreak and disappointment of love lost, and finally the exhilaration of love reunited.  Join us on this journey, be entertained by local talent and help us raise money for deserving local charities.

The Miracle on Mulberry
That's what they call our show!  And it makes sense. 100 local businessmen and their wives somehow finding the time and energy to produce a week-long musical revue that plays to thousands, located at The Grand on Mulberry in Macon! Music, dancing, jokes, news and much more, all choreographed and fine-tuned for your pleasure.
Join us at the Grand Macon - February 4-7, 2015
The mission of the Macon Civic Club is simple:  to provide charity work within our local community. For over fifty years, we have done this in part from the proceeds of our Annual Musical Revue. Our aim is to provide a meaningful, entertaining show each year featuring local business leaders, that is fun for the audience, fun for the members and raises as much money as possible for local charities.


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