The Pink List for Cherry Blossom Blooms

Where are the best places in Macon to see the most spectacular Cherry Blossom trees in full bloom?  We asked hundreds of Locals that question and here are the most popular responses. Weather dependent, you are guaranteed to see some great blossoms at the following locations around Macon, Ga. 

1.  The Fickling Farm (Rivoli and Northside Drive) 

This is the grandfather of Cherry Blossom trees!  The Fickling Farm is home to some of Macon’s first Yoshino Cherry Blossom trees, so be sure to check these out once they are in full bloom.

2.  Wesleyan Woods Neighborhood   

Driving through the Wesleyan Woods neighborhood is a favorite local pass-time during peak Cherry Blossom bloom season.  Guerry Drive was one of the numerous streets suggested if you are looking for breathtaking blooms.

3.  Third Street Park  

If you want to be in the heart of the festival as well as the blooms, then head downtown to third street park.  When you stroll down the walkway lined with Cherry Blossom trees, you will feel like you’re in another world.

4.  Ingleside Avenue 

Arguably one of the cutest areas in town, Ingleside Ave is definitely a local favorite.  From cute boutiques (see The Pink List for Fashion) to beautiful blooms, you will definitely want to put this street on your list.

5.  Oxford Circle 

On your scenic drive around town, make sure you ride down Oxford Circle.  This picturesque street is highly recommended by our Gatewaymacon Facebook fans.