Top 5 Local Musicians in 2014

1.  Trey Teem

If you follow Gateway Macon then you know our Gatekeeper's are very impressed with Trey Teem. His shows are always high energy and well attended. Plus Trey knows what it takes to promote his music and make it easy for fans to keep up with his performances. We hope to see more of Trey Teem Live in 2015.


2.  Floco Torres 

If there is an event that means something to the Macon Music scene then you can bet Floco will be involved. Over the last few years Floco has come to represent what Macon is all about; Creativity, diversity, originality and forward thinking. We know in 2015 Floco Torres will be taking his career and his local roots to new heights of success.

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3. Jubee and The Morning After

Our next pick is a local band that has gotten a lot of national exposure. Jubee and the Morning After has kept up there visibility in 2014 and helped anchor several local music events. You have to like a band that lists their interest as; Music, Champagne, Yachts, Charlie Sheen, Macon, Miller High Life, etc. Since we were called out about not listing the most recent bio info in  our last post , we wanted to make sure we quoted off the official Facebook page this time: Lead Vocals - Dwayne "JuBee" Webb, Drums - Alex Scarborough, Bass Guitar - "The Captain" Danny Davis, Lead Guitar - Matt Moncrief,  Keys/Sax- Austin Young 


4. Savannah Alday

Just like the city she was named for, Savannah Alday's southern roots run strong and deep. A native of Macon she claims many local influences contributing to her unique musical style. In addition to being on our Top 5 Local artist of 2014 list, Savannah was also named to our Guest Gatekeeper's list of the TOP 5 to watch in 2015.

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5. Back City Woods

Performing together since 2009 this Macon based band has been putting in the work to make our TOP 5 list. In 2014 Back City Woods was honored as the “Atlanta Braves Band of the Year,” and they were featured in a concert at Turner Field on opening day. We expect to hear more about this band in 2015 and hope to see them at more local venues.

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