Top 5 Fair Food Favorites

We wanted to know what treats you like the best when it comes to feeding your face at the fair and the results of our Top 5 Fair Foods Favorites is ready for you review. The survey voting for the number 1 position was fierce, but as always the Gatekeepers let their stomach decide and the results are delicious.

WARNING:  This survey had nothing to do with food that may be good for your diet, enjoy at your own waistline risk. 

1. Funnel Cake/ Elephant Ears

We most definitely agree with this number one pick. Funnel cake might just be synonymous with fair food. This swirling pile of fried dough is perfect for sharing with friends and family while taking in the sights and sounds of the fair. Don’t worry if you get powdered sugar all down your shirt, it’s all just part of the experience.



2. Corn Dogs

There is a reason that Hillshire brands named their corn dog division “State Fair”, we might not be eating them today if not for a couple of State Fair vendors that took this food on a stick and made is a national sensation.  The condiment question remains one of controversy: Smeared in mustard, dunked in ketchup or mustard and ketchup together.  Whatever your preference one thing is certain, a perfect corn dog and a crisp day at the fair are the perfect combination.


3. Sausage / Bratwurst

If you need something a little more nourishing, a stop by the sausgage station might be just what you need. Pilled high with carmelized onions,this cased meat made popular by the Polish and Italians supplies just the protein necessary to power through the laps upon laps around the fair ground.



4. Turkey Legs

There is something about a turkey leg that just appeals to our caveman side. Holding that humongous leg in your hand while you wait in line for the ferris wheel might look a little ridiculous but really everyone around you is thinking “Man, that leg looks good!”.  The blackened skin, the juicy turkey and sheer fun of it make turkey legs an obvious fair food favorite.




5. Candy/ Caramel Apples

The second food on a stick to make the list, candy or caramel apples (whatever your preference) are a perfect food to usher in October. We feel like this skewered and candied fruit says Halloween just as much as it does the fair, and  we love it for that. While you eat a candied apple, you have to push the thought of cavities aside and just enjoy the time-honored sticky sweet experience. 

-Your Gatekeepers



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