Top 5 Movies Filmed in Macon

Anyone who has lived in Macon for the past couple years knows that we've housed our fairs hare of movie stars. Let's take a look back at the movies that have been filmed in Macon. 

1. Wise Blood

Armory Ballroom in the background

Hailed as an American masterpiece, Wise Blood was filmed almost entirely in Macon, Georgia around 1978. Directed by two time Oscar winner John Huston who is responsible for classics films like;  The Maltese Falcon (1941), The African Queen and The Man Who Would Be King (1975) this film was an easy pick for number one because of  the extensive use of Macon landmarks in the film and the internationally recognized Director.  Wise Blood is also an adaptation of the work of famous Georgian, Flannery O’Conner. The film also features Maconites in minor supporting roles and as extras. If you want to get a feel for what Macon was like in mid to late seventies then watch Wise Blood and note all the changes Macon has undergone since this film was made, but some locations look the same today as they did back then. Watch here and see why Wise Blood is our number one TOP pick for best film  made in Macon, Ga.

2. 42

2nd street all 40's upped!

42 is the Story of Jackie Robinson, the single most important baseball player in the late 1940’s. Jackie is best known for breaking the color barrier in major league baseball. This moving film follows  Jackie and his family through 1945 to 1947. The incomparable Harrison Ford plays Branch Rickey, the MLB executive responsible for signing Jackie Robinson. Chadwick Boseman stars as Jackie Robinson in the breakout role. Boseman went on to play another American icons as James Brown in the film Get On Up released this year. Only select portions of the film were shot in Macon but the iconic Luther Williams field makes a very stately appearance as well as grounds at central city park. You may all remember that parts of 2nd street were beautifully transformed into 1940’s Brooklyn.  The terminal station as made a cameo as an airport.  It’s worth a watch, just to see Macon blasted back to 1940’s, what a sight it must have been?!

3. Trouble with the Curve

Justin and Clint have a Chat at Cheers

Good or bad, no movie list is complete unless it includes Clint Eastwood.  Filmed entirely in Georgia in September 2012, Trouble with the Curve shot many scenes here in Macon.  Historic Luther Williams Field and the restaurant Northside Cheers, served as  backdrops. Trouble with the Curve packs a punch with big name actors and a couple of curve balls. Clint Eastwood plays a baseball scout, who is losing his most important scouting tool - his eyesight. Clint is in his element playing a cranky, but spirited father.  Daughter, Amy Adams, along for  the ride one last recruiting trip.  Justin Timberlake  stars as  a fellow scout and love interest to Amy Adams.  John Goodman also lights up the screen as Eastwoods boss. Though this movie did not score well at the big office, it still put Macon, GA on the national stage once again.

4. Need for Speed

The Crew Shoots Aaron Paul Driving Down Hardeman

Released in March of this year, this movie features Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad and a good portion of this movie was filmed right here in Macon. The remaining parts were shot in other locations throughout Georgia. Need for Speed is based on the well-known video game of the same title and centers around a street racer just out of jail. At one point in the film, Aaron Paul is driving up Exit 164 from the North and you get a glimpse of our own Famous Fountain Car Wash. If you’re from this area you can expect to see all kinds of shots from downtown, including the Broadway Lofts and Magnolia Avenue (where another famous street race occurs- the Macon Soap Box Derby!). If you love to see Macon on the big screen and enjoy car movies, this is the one for you! Don’t forget to stop by The Rookery to see Aaron Paul’s signature on the ceiling from his time here in Macon. 

5.  The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings

Luther Williams Field Sets the Stage

Released in 1976 this movie features a star studded cast of actors, many of which who went on to become famous in the areas of comedy and starred in major film roles. The movie made our TOP 5 list due to the amount of production work taking place in Macon, Ga and other areas in South Georgia and because of the number of big name stars in the film. Its hard to believe that Billy Dee Willams, Richard Pryor and James Earl Jones were all in Macon at the same time to film Bingo Long. Not to mentioned John Badham of Saturday Night Fever fame made his directorial debut on this film. Wait, one more big name to drop on this film; It was produced by Motown legend Barry Gordy. You can enjoy this film onYouTube and see how many scenes in and around Macon, Ga. You can recognize.

Honorable Mention: The Crazies

Fountain Car Wash Gets Zombiefied 

While not as commercially successful as some of the other films on our TOP 5 list, The Crazies is significant because it helped to start a resurgence of interest in film making in Central Georgia. For several days The Fountain Carwash on Hardeman Avenue hosted The Crazies film crew to create one of the more memorable zombie scenes in recent history. After watching the car wash scene in this movie you will never feel the same going through an automated car wash ever again. The film also featured a lot of local extras in scenes shot in Fort Valley and the Georgia National fair grounds. The star of the film  Timothy Olyphant  has had his share of recognition on the big screen after this film debuted. The director of the flim,  Breck Eisner, heaped lavish praise on how wonderful it was to film in central Georgia and no doubt influenced future film makers to shoot in and around