Top 5 Acclaimed Maconites

The city of Macon has been the birthplace or residence of many remarkable people throughout its history.

There are plenty of movie stars and celebrities who live in New York and California.  Here is our Guest Gatekeeper's compilation list of 5 celebrities that once called Macon home. 

1.  ron blair

Blair, a musician notable for being the bassist for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, was born in Macon, Georgia in 1952. Blair was originally the band's bassist from 1976 to 1982. However, in 2002 he returned to the group after a 20-year hiatus, replacing his own replacement, the late Howie Epstein.  His sister Janice Blair, a singer, was once married to Gregg Allman. Janice and Greg married in 1973 and later divorced in 1975. Aside from the Heartbreakers, Blair has played on numerous albums by Kirstin Candy, Stevie Nicks, Del Shannon and Gypsy Train.



2.  luke askew

Francis Luke Askew was a Macon born American actor best known for his roles in television and film.  Askew attended the University of Georgia, Mercer University, and Walter F. Jay School of Law and served in the United States Air Force during his college years in intelligence.  Askew was first noticed as an actor for his role in the 1967 film Cool Hand Luke.  But Askew’s most famous role was the 1969 film classic Easy Rider, where he worked alongside Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda, in a film that set him on the road to becoming a cult figure of modern cinema. 



3. Malcolm John Rebennack

Malcolm John Rebennack is a musician, singer, and composer from New Orleans who is best known by the stage name “Dr. John,” “The Night Tripper” and “Dr. John Creaux.”  He has been recording and performing for close to five decades.   Dr. John is a registered priest of voodoo in Louisiana and is an essential New Orleans performer.  The Night Tripper called Macon home for a short period of time and possibly had a child born here.


4.  fred the bassett hound

In Smokey and the Bandit, Cledus “The Snowman" keeps a Basset Hound named Fred for company when driving the bandit’s truck. Fred was personally picked by Burt Reynolds, chiefly because it refused to obey commands.  Fred was born and bred in Macon and was owned by C.L. Parker.  Fred became a true star of the show stealing the limelight from some the movie's real stars. It is said that the screen time of Fred was cut in the sequel due to complaints by Sally Field on being upstaged by the dog.

5.  blake clark

Blake Clark is an American comic character actor, stand-up comedian, voice actor and veteran of the Vietnam War, having served as a Captain with the 101st Airborne Division. He graduated from LaGrange College in 1969 with a degree in the performing arts. Clark is frequently casted in Adam Sandler films and is perhaps best known for his role as Farmer Fran in The Waterboy.  

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