Top 5 Central Georgia Haunted Hallowed Grounds

There are plenty of haunted places in America.  History, recent or in the distant past, goes hand in hand with paranormal activity of all types.  Here in the heart of Georgia we have an abundant amount of haunted areas and the following 5 Haunted Hallowed Grounds are no exception.

1. The Devils Bridge
    Cochran, Georgia

Located on HWY 129, there is a bridge that at one time was purportedly used by a satanic cult to perform their rituals under in years past.  Locals say that if you park your car at the entrance of the bridge at night and turn off your car's interior lights and head lights and put your keys on the hood that in the distance, headlights will appear over the hill's ledge and race toward you; but disappear as they reach the bridge.


2.  Gravity Hill
      Bonaire, georgia

The legendary Gravity Hill can easily be reached if you follow State Route 96 East across the Ocmulgee River to the intersection of US Route 129.  Once you turn left and have passed over the first hill, go to the next hill bottom and stop.  Put your car in neutral and it will go all the way to the top of the next hill.  There are claims that a witch is buried in that location and the only evidence of her grave is 300 yards away from Highway 129 in the adjacent swamp;  a peculiar pile of rocks, stacked around 5 feet high, with no surrounding vegetation or living aquatic life located.  Legend has it that the witch exacted a toll on the Hwy 129 about 200 years ago.  If you paid her price, she would help you cross over the ridge.  The locals were known to leave her alone and only asked for her assistance once during a drought.  The witch died in 1850 and the locals took her body to the swamp because she could not be buried on holy ground in the church cemetery.



3.  The Hay House
      Macon, Georgia

The Johnston-Felton-Hay House in Macon is one of Georgia's most distinguished structures. It was built in the mid 1800's and declared a National Historic Landmark in 1974.  Numerous reports of hauntings have been reported within the dwelling. Employees and visitors have claimed seeing the apparition of an elderly woman roaming the hallways. The lady apparition appears to be dressed in a gown from the mid 1800's. Others have reported experiencing unexplained cold spots on the stairs, footsteps in hallways and doors being slammed shut on their own. The most chilling report from employees and visitors is the experience of feeling breathing over their shoulder. Moaning noises coming from the master bedroom, footsteps in empty halls and doors slamming shut by themselves are other common reports. 

4.  Robins Air Force Base Flight Hanger
      Warner Robins, Georgia

In March 2001, a military aircraft crashed within a 40 mile radius from the base.  Investigators from the National Safety Transportation Board (NTSB) transported the bodies and charred remnants of the fuselage to the Robins AFB and stored them in one of the hangers.  Once items were in the hanger, tagged and cataloged, instances and reports have been noted of strange noises, cold spots and some of the machines being turned on unexpectedly.  In December 2003, an additional plane went down and investigators brought the bodies to the same hangar for accident investigation.  During this aircraft investigation, base employees claim that in the early mornings and late at night, lights would turn off and on in the hangar.  Base employees reported that some of the sheet metal machines began to run themselves when there was no one present to operate them.


5. James station
     Jones County - Gray, Georgia

In 1937 in a little community named James, that lies within Jones County, an argument between two brothers over money ended in death by gunfire.  Two shots to the torso fired by Guy Pitts ended the life of Harry Pitts, who police described as the "King of Macon Bootleggers."  The death occurred in the Pitts family home at James, where Harry had lived for just a few weeks since his recent release from the federal penitentiary.  Jones County Sheriff J.P. Hawkins announced that the murder of Harry Pitts "was a family matter, no inquest would be held, no charges have been preferred and this matter would be handled privately and accordingly."

Today the community of James will tell you that Harry Pitts is still looming around.  Residents Bill and Cathy Newby who previously resided in the former Pitts home, purchased a beautiful, inoperable mantle clock from an estate sale.  Because the clock did not work, the the Newby's placed it on a mantle in the home as a show piece.  One night, all of a sudden the defective clock began to chime.  Not only did the clock chime, it chimed on the correct hour.  A few years later, Bill and Cathy Newby sold the home to their son Aubrey and his wife Jennifer. The Newby's moved into the home and began renovations.  During the renovations, contractors said they heard people walking around in the home during the daytime hours.  When Aubrey and his wife acquired the home from Aubrey's parents, Bill and Cathy thought the clock should remain with the residence; so the clock was returned to the residence.  The clock was placed in the dining room for a while until the Newby's could find an appropriate place to showcase the clock.  One night Aubrey was in the den watching television when he heard what sounded like the front door bell chime twice; but when he opened the door, no one was there.  The chiming did not come from the doorbell but from the inoperable clock.  Because the Newby's had renovated the home after they purchased it, he had placed the clock in what use to be the original living room.  The clock now remains in the dining room and is referred to as "Harry's clock."

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