Top 5 Chicken Wings

Well it wasn’t easy, but the Gatekeepers have done it! The Top 5 Places for Chicken Wings in Macon, Ga has been posted. This top 5 list got more traffic than just about any other survey with the exception of Top 5 Slices of Pizza. It seems people in Central Georgia love their Wings and Pizza. As always our Gatekeepers did NOT rely on popular vote only to make this decision. Our team went out and sampled every single wings place mentioned on the survey list. You may not agree with our Top 5, but rest assured a lot of hard work and hot sauce went into bringing you this list. Enjoy!

1. Francar's At Mercer Village

Gateway Macon Francar's at Mercer VillageOpen since 1993, it is the Granddaddy of wing places in Macon, and is now located in the heart of Mercer Village.  Francar’s has over 40 different wing sauces to choose from, so there is something to please everyone. We hear that Zeus himself had a hand in their level four sauces, so get ready for some fire. Although we love the huge selection of not so spicy sauces. Try our personal favorite sauce, Tangy Peach, which has the perfect amount of sweetness and spice.  

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1365 Linden Ave, Macon, GA 31204
(478) 741-3338

2. Wild Wing Cafe

Wild Wing Cafe is a wing joint sure to please the masses, while it is a chain Wild Wing definately has fans that are wild about it. A wealth of TVs to watch the game, happy hour and live music all set this restaurant apart. But it's really the wings that have folks raving about wild wing cafe. With over 30 sauces and all the wing configurations you can think of Wild Wing Cafe is a crowd favorite.

5080 Riverside Dr, Macon, GA 31210
(478) 477-9453

3. Tropical Flava

Tropical Flava takes great pride in their chicken wings. They use only plumpest chicken wings to start and then they slow cook them to perfection. If you like your wings crunchy you will have to order them extra well done. When it comes flavor, well they named the place Tropical Flavor for a good reason! You can not find a better jerk sauce anywhere short of Jamaica! The Jerk Chicken wing are the perfect combination of sweet and hot with the kind of heat only a good Jerk seasoning can bring. Additionally they offer Hot Barbecue Wings that are just hot enough without making you cry. Last but not least are the Honey Garlic Wings, the honey coating takes the edge off the garlic kick without over doing it. If you want more of a gourmet wing experience be sure to check out Tropical Flava today.

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2396 Ingleside Ave., Macon, GA 31216
(478) 784-0660
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4. Bearfoot Tavern

You can’t have a sports tavern without some of the best wings in town!  Bearfoot Tavern offers a great atmosphere, and consistently good wings.  Instead of offering a never-ending list of wings flavor options, they chose to create a limited flavor list that is ALWAYS good.  You can still get the usual flavors like BBQ and Lemon Pepper, but there are more daring options such as Mango Habenero and Kahuna Hot.

401 Cherry St, Macon, GA 31201
(478) 743-4645

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5. Loco's Grill & Pub

The owners of Loco's have spent 25 years perfecting their menu and first and foremost on that menu is Chicken wings! From boneless Wings to Roasted Wings and just about every combination in between, Loco's has a Chicken Wing to fit most any taste. We found the Roasted wings exceptionally noteworthy. While they may not be for the buffalo wing purest they are a nice departure from the average chicken wing. When it comes to good old fashioned chicken wings Loco's comes through with a classic approach that is backed up with a wide variety of sauces like, Extra Hot, Lemon Yaki, White BBQ and many more flavors. If you want wings and cold beer then head to Loco's Grill & Pub and order 10 or 20 wings.

2440 Riverside Dr, Macon, GA 31204
(478) 745-8980

*Posthumous Gatekeeper Mention:

Too bad CJ's Sports Bar has gone out of business. While they may not have been the fanciest bar & grill in town they sure had the best re-fried chicken wings around. No they weren't the meatiest nor the biggest wings, but they sure were the most crispy with a perfect coating and a no frills buffalo sauce. RIP CJ's- your wings will be missed!