Top 5 Employers

Since work and play go hand-in-hand, these Top 5 Macon, Georgia employers will be the perfect balance to all the things to do!  Macon offers a wide variety of employment opportunities that make middle Georgia a highly coveted place to live and work.

1. The Medical Center of Central Georgia

Number of Employees:  4,000
Product:  Hospital
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2. Geico

Number of Employees:  3,936
Product:  Insurance
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3. Bibb County Board of Education

Number of Employees:  3,300
Product:  Public Education
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4. City of Macon

Number of Employees:  1494
Product:  City Government
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5. Coliseum Health System

Number of Employees:  1,263
Product:  Hospital
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Not Commuter Phobic?  Then check out these Bonus Top 5 Employers

If commuting to work is not an issue, then you should definitely add these employers to your employment list.  Located just a short drive away (20-30 minutes), these major employers make the middle Georgia area a sought after place to live and work.

1. Robins Air Force Base, Warner Robins, GA

Number of Employees: 21,377
Product:  Federal Government
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2. Houston County Board of Education, Warner Robins, GA

Number of Employees:  4,564
Product:  Public Education
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3. Houston Healthcare, Warner Robins, GA

Number of Employees:  2,100
Product:  Hospital
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4. Perdue Farms, Perry, GA

Number of Employees:  1,820
Product:  Food Production
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5. Blue Bird Corp., Fort Valley, GA

Number of Employees:  1,500
Product:  Transportation Manufacturing
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Sources: Macon Economic Development Commission, Robins Regional Chamber of Commerce, Peach County Chamber of Commerce, Houston County Development Authority

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