Top 5 Places To Time Travel in Georgia

You don't need Doc Brown's DeLorean for this ride back in time, though a few of them qualify as road-trips.  From dinosaurs of the cretaceous period, to paleo-indian culture thousands of years old, the Civil War, and the nostalgia of the golden age of Hollywood, Georgia offers glimpses back into yesteryear.

1. Ocmulgee National Monument

With 17,000 years of continuous human habitation, Ocmulgee National Monument pays tribute to that legacy with a fascinating museum, acres of natural beauty and great earthen mounds, including the continent’s only recreated earth lodge where people can see the original 1,000-year-old chamber floor.

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2.  Ritz Theatre And Cafe

The Ritz Theatre And Cafe in downtown Thomaston is a throwback to the cinema of yesteryear.  This single-screen downtown theatre originally opened in 1927.  It's seen many renovations since then, and even has a balcony for the 21 and older crowd, with bar tables, comfortable seating, and you can bring up food from their cafe.  It maintains it's nostalgic and family feel, and is a great stopping point for students of cinema.

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3. Jarrell Plantation

The Jarrell Plantation Historic Site is one of the last remaining examples of authentic nineteenth and early twentieth century plantation buildings.  The site offers regular tours, and several times during the year volunteers demonstrate crafts and chores of the past including blacksmithing, sewing, woodworking, woodstove cooking, and gardening.

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4. Fort Pulaski

Castles with moats may seem entirely Eurpean, but if you know where to look you can find something similar on American soil.  Fort Pulaski National Monument, on Cockspur Island the Savannah River, is a Civil War era fort (complete with a moat and drawbridge) built to protect this important shipping location.  Now, you can tour the fantastic place and see artifacts and living history demonstrations.  They even fire a cannon!

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5. Tellus Science Museum

Visit the Fossil Gallery at the Tellus Science Museum and you can stare into the mouth of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and catch a glimpse of a saber-tooth cat!  A stroll among these fossils takes visitors past dinosaurs, reptiles, and giant mammals that dominated the land, sea, and air before they became extinct.

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