Top 5 Reasons to Attend the Georgia Renaissance Festival

Voted a Top 20 Southeast Event by the Southeast Tourism Society, a day spent inside the castle walls of this 32-acre 16th Century Kingdom will delight, amuse and amaze the entire family. Festival guests will be greeted by Queen Anne Boleyn and her Court, merry minstrels, fair maidens, gallant Knights in shining armor and a full-day of entertainment on 10 stages, food fit for kings, and a marketplace of over 150 master artisans displaying their time-honored artistry as they craft their one-of-a-kind treasures. 

1.  Children's Entertainment and All Day Fun!

The finest entertainers from across the Kingdom have gathered for your amusement and delight!  With shows up close and personal You'll be amazed and delighted by the skills of these performers!  A petting zoo, a free large playground, animal interactions (taking small donations to benefit their home), character greetings, safely manned swing/slide rides ($1-3 each), honest games of chance, and more.  With so many stages all over the park, you’re sure to take in not only the 2-3 joust and knight games a day, but singers, circus-style acrobats, comedy shows, and in-character entertainment anywhere in the park.

2.  Great Ticket Pricing

Adult tickets are $22 at the gate, and even cheaper when you pre-buy online ($19).  If you’re paying attention to Groupon, Amazon Local and other discount ticket options, you’re sure to find even better discounts during the season. This year, opening weekend tickets were Buy One Get One FREE!  During April 30th-May 1st kids can get in free.  AND: All children five and under are FREE. That means families with small kids can go for just the price of adults!  Parking is also available free of charge!

3.  The Photo Ops

Because every weekend is a themed weekend, a new adventure awaits you at the Georgia Renaissance Festival.  You'll take tons of photos, and those will still not be enough!  From face cut-outs to posing on a guillotine, there is no shortage of opportunities for fun photos to last a lifetime!

4.  The Artisan Markets, Wares, and Costumes

Over 150 Master Artisans create and display superb wares for your shopping enjoyment.  Daily demonstrations of weaving, coin minting, spinning, sculpting, glass blowing, leather crafting and many other art forms take place on 32-acres in the Artisan Marketplace that is full of elaborate treasures created by these world-renowned artisans.


5.  The Food

Enjoy some of the endless food and beverage options with your group!  Delicious turkey legs, that tip the scales at 1 1/2 pounds each, are a meal unto themselves.  From  Succulent Appetizers such as Macaroni and Cheese on a Stick to Enticing Entrees like Pork Loin on a Stake, there is no shortage of delectable dishes to dine on!

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