Top 5 Places for Happy Hour

Our Gatekeepers are still nursing hang-overs from the daunting task of selecting the Top 5 Best Places in Macon, Ga. to enjoy Happy Hour.  Though a combination of public survey, personal experience, social media input and lots of pub crawling the Top 5 Best Places for Happy Hour will help you find the perfect place to end the day and start your evening off on the right foot. It's always happy hour somewhere...

1. Tic Toc Room

Owned by the Hotplates restaurant group, Tic Toc is a fine dining restaurant with soul. Originally Miss Annie’s Tic Toc where Macon great Little Richard got his start.  As far as we are concerned Tic Toc is a perfect after work location. Just nice enough so that if you arrive in business attire you don’t feel overdressed. The bar area is dimly lit but comfortable and never packed to the gills. If you're a fan of cocktails with fun and location specific names, Tic Toc doesn’t disappoint.  They might have cutesy names, but the drinks are serious.  The leftovers of your mixed drink are brought in an accompanying glass which makes you feel as if you’ve been cheated at every other location. Their wine list is also robust  and during happy hour  glasses of wine are only $5, martinis $6 and complimentary hors d'oeuvres in the bar. 

Happy Hour: 5pm-7pm
408 MLK Jr. Blvd 
(478) 744-0123
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2. Twang

Add a little “Twang” to your happy hour!  Twang Southern Tastes & Sounds gets the party going with ½ off wells, wine, craft drafts and the signature $3 Twang Tea & Southern Belle.  Located in Payne City, this modern southern style restaurant is quickly becoming the go-to place to relax after work.  Happy Hour is from 4pm-6pm, but the drink specials don’t end there.  Twang features many special as well as specialty drinks all evening long, that will put a smile on your face and add a twang to your speech. 

Happy Hour: 4pm-7pm
342 Rose Ave, Payne City
(478) 621-4121 
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3. Hummingbird Stage and Taproom

This popular downtown watering hole definitely deserves a slot on our happy hour list. With the Happy Hours of 4-8 and $1 PBR, not to mention the 2 for 1 wells, the bird is as good of a pre-darkness destination as it is a after dark one. If you’re a Dead fan, don’t forget to attend their Sunday viewing parties too. If you haven’t been to their patio to soak up the late afternoon sun while sipping a cool beer, then you are missing a Macon delight.

Happy Hour: 4pm-8pm
430 Cherry Street
(478) 741-9130

4. Jim Shaws

Since 1987 Jim Shaw’s has been a favorite of Locals in Macon,  The bar section is not the largest nor the fanciest, but it is always packed during Happy Hour. There is also a cozy outdoor porch section that is perfect for hanging out sipping cold beer on in the summertime. Perhaps the key to Happy Hour at Jim Shaw’s is the appetizers and finger foods that are readily available to accompany any happy hour beverage. They always feature drink and food specials for happy hour and the bar staff knows how to keep a large crowd well plied with service. 

Read our complete review of Jim Shaw's here.

Happy Hour: 5 to 7pm
3040 Vineville Ave.
(478) 746-3697
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5.  Billy's Clubhouse

Forget about frilly décor, Billy’s Clubhouse is an old school bar where you go to drink. Any bar that has a Happy Hour that starts at 2pm and last till 8pm is serious about serving drinks. The drinks are poured stiff,  and the bartenders are pros that will keep your glass full. If you want some food to go with your drinks, they got you covered. If you want some live music with your drink, they have that too. Bottom line: Good cold drinks come first, the rest is a bonus at Billy’s Clubhouse. We recommend visiting on “2 for 1 Wednesdays” with free Karaoke,  one of the only places in town to sing badly in public. 

Happy Hour: 2PM to 8PM
1580 Forest Hill Rd
(478) 477-0717
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Honorable Mention: Rookery 

The Rookery makes honorable mention on our list because they lack a true happy hour (we called and checked). That doesn't mean it doesn't make one awesome afterwork unwind spot, their craft beer list is ever expanding and they are most always stocked with Macon's own Macon Progress. If IPAs are your thing, they have those too! Take a seat in one of the cozy booths and you know immediately this place has a deep history of making customers happy (Aaron Paul's signature is scrawled on the ceiling as well!). Add in their fool proof food menu with the best of the best burgers in town and you can see why the Rookery had to be included somewhere on our list.