Top 5 Most Hauntingly True Middle Georgia Ghost Stories

This time a year is a favorite for many, including this gatekeeper. There is nothing more wonderful then leaves changing colors, festivals, and Halloween. Halloween has drastically changed over the years and no longer fully encompasses the ghoul filled nights of running door to door in order to fill plastic pumpkins to the brink with yummy treats. Halloween is upon us and I encourage everyone to look deep to get in touch with their inner child and share many spooky tales. Here is a top 5 list of the most hauntingly true ghost stories to help your Halloween include a terrifying thrill.

1.  The Woolfolk Axe Mass Murders of 1887

West Macon, GA:  August 6, 1887 gave way to a grisly scene at the Woolfolk Plantation west of Macon and south of Thomaston Road. As nine members of the Woolfolk family perished in the warm August morning, Tom Woolfolk ran to a neighbor's house and claimed intruders had broken into the home he resided in near (what is now) Lake Tobesofkee. Suspicions quickly surround Tom, who was only 27 years old. All of the victims were killed by being struck in the head or upper body with a short-handled axe that belonged to Tom Woolfolk, and was found in one of the rooms.  Eventually Tom was charged, convicted, and hung for the murder of his entire family. The site of the Woolfolk murders is approximately 12 miles west of Macon, several hundred yards south of State Road 74. Presently, there is nothing left of the Woolfolk home except ruins. If one can locate this site many paranormal happenings have been reported. Those unfortunate enough to stumble upon the ruins report ghostly screams, visual apparitions, disembodied voices, and feelings of grave desperation. The ruins of the Woolfolk house have almost vanished but the impression where Georgia's worst murders occurred will always resonate with the victims of Tom Woolfolk.

2.  the hay house

Macon, GA: Built in 1859, the Hay House was converted into a museum in 1962 and donated to the Georgia Trust of Historic Preservation. For some time, stories and reports of ghostly happenings have passed down through the "paranormal great vine".  Tenants at adjacent apartments next to the Hay House have reported seeing a ghostly woman stalking top floor windows, during early morning hours. Numerous witnesses have also described cold spots, footsteps, and doors throughout the property that slam on their own. Many accounts claim the feelings of someone breathing over their shoulder and moans emanate from the master bedroom.  This gatekeeper desires NOTHING more in my paranormal journey then to explain what ghostly happenings and stories could be causing the haunted level of activity at the Hay House; but the Hay House has essentially banned paranormal association and prefers to focus more on the history of the location. The scientific paranormal field focuses on the harmonious blending of historical events and documented unexplainable occurrences. This gatekeeper would jump and run, anytime the Hay House wanted to discover what historical individuals still reside at the beautiful southern palace.

3.  The Gaither Plantation

Covington, GA: The Gaither Plantation has been around for more than 150 years. The property has seen a vast amount of murder, slave labor, and Confederate soldiers who hid to save their lives. With these types of events at the Gaither Plantation you can only envision the spirits who still claim this home as their own. Many visitors of the plantation have reported seeing staggering figures of soldiers dressed in civil war attire. There are also claims of a female spirit in the antebellum home, whom has been assumed to be the ghost of Cecilia. Cecilia, the daughter of a former owner, is accredited for laying siege to a paranormal hotspot within the home. Cecilia's room is a eerie location for strange happenings, disembodied voices, phantom footsteps, and chilling apparitions. No matter the reason these spirits have decided to stay, they add to the history and creepy variety of the plantation. Stop by to visit and enjoy the nice swing on the front porch, but don't run too far when someone unseen sits beside you and takes over.

4. The Sinyard House

Hawkinsville, GA: In the small and picturesque town  of Hawkinsville, there is a home that would seem rather ordinary. One look at the Sinyard house will not send chills running down your spin, but we all know looks can be deceiving. Extensive work and remodeling was done to the home, which awakened the spirits who dwelled within. Within the Sinyard house reports include items that have been pulled out of kitchen cabinets, door slammed shut, and shower curtains suddenly opened. Those who visit the home have claimed to hear sounds of a child playing upstairs, phantom heavy footsteps, and the sweet smell of perfume. A few witnesses have claimed that wrinkled piles of clothes will mysteriously become folded and placed at the foot of the bed. There have been instances where a woman's voice was heard signing a charming lullaby, accompanied by full body apparitions. The current owners of the property completed some research and discovered that shortly after the Civil War, a live-in maid and her child were found dead within the Sinyard home. Within this home, lives were unfortunately taken away, but they seem to share a bond contained by their ghostly eternity.

5.  The Old Governor's Mansion

Milledgeville, GA: The mansion was built in 1838 and is currently owned by Georgia College and State University. Located on the corner of Clark and Hancock streets, it has been claimed for years the Old Governor's Mansion is haunted. The Old Governor's Mansion served as the official governor's residence until the capital was moved to Atlanta. Since, the home has served a variety of functions including the Georgia College President's residence until it was restored and opened as a house museum. Reports span from lights that turn off and on, beds that unmake themselves when no one is around, and the aromatic smell of freshly baked foods when nothing has been cooked. These specter cooking occurrences are claimed to be produced by Molly, a former cook. Ghostly smells reported at this location include blueberry muffins, cookies, pork, and black-eyed peas. One event created the smell of burnt potatoes that was so strong the fire department was called, but the source of the phantom smell was never found. 

A big thanks to this month's Guest Gatekeeper, Shannon Ray.  Shannon Ray is the Founder and Director of Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigations located in Macon, Georgia.  To find out more about Shannon and the work of MGPI, check out Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigations website!