Top 5 Historic Macon Cemeteries

Burial sites and funerary grounds reflect the cultural values and practices of the past.  Funerary grounds otherwise known as cemeteries, help us understand who we are as a society, and where we have come from.  Macon, Georgia is rich in historic burial sites and cemeteries, here are our Top 5...

1.  linwood Cemetery

Located on Walnut Street, this historic African-American Cemetery was established in 1894. It is the final resting place of many of Pleasant Hill and Macon's prominent citizens, including the founder of the Douglass Theatre. In addition, Linwood cemetery is the final resting place of the only man from Macon to ever be awarded a metal of honor, Marine Sgt. Rodney Maxwell Davis.


2. fort hill cemetery

The Fort Hill Cemetery is a modest and humble cemetery situated off of Short Street in East Macon.  The Fort Hill cemetery is rarely credited for being Macon’s oldest cemetery, even pre-dating the city, due no doubt to the fact that the majority of East Macon was not officially annexed into the city until 1909 and the neighborhood’s decline into the 20th century.

3. old city cemetery

At the foot of Cherry and Poplar streets surrounded by manufacturing industries, railroads and business enterprises of various kinds, is the Old City Cemetery on 7th Street.  The Old City Cemetery was established in 1825 and used by many until 1840. That year marked the opening of Rose Hill Cemetery, a much larger and more beautiful landscape that attracted most Maconites for decades to come.

4. rose hill cemetery

Rose Hill cemetery was opened in 1840 on 65 acres of land nestled next to the Ocmulgee River.  Rose Hill cemetery was designed by Simri Rose for the express purpose of being a place to visit and as a gathering place for the people of Macon and visitors to the city. Rose was instrumental in the planning of The City of Macon and planned Rose Hill Cemetery, in return for being able to choose his own burial plot.  There are over a thousand confederate soldier graves located in the cemetery; there are also graves for three GA governors, 31 mayors, and several senators/congressmen. Several notable entertainers are buried in the cemetery as well.

5.  riverside cemetery

Established in 1887, Riverside Cemetery is located just off Riverside Drive above the Ocmulgee River on a lush landscaped 125-acre parcel of land. It is the final resting place of over 18,000 people including Civil War veterans, esteemed civic and business leaders, renowned educators, religious leaders of several faiths, members of the Military, and prominent Macon families. Though Riverside Cemetery is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it is a modern and active cemetery.

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