Top 5 Macon Residences of Anjette Lyles

There are curious questions neighboring the dwellings where murderers lived. These ordinary homes associated with Anjette Lyles would hardly merit a second glance but each home hides a blood-curdling secret. You’ve probably already seen the photographic evidence of Anjette Lyles' warped mentality. But do her houses reflect her true state of mind? Let’s take a look at the 5 former homes of Macon's most famous serial killer. 

1.  500 block of poplar street

Located across the street from Saint Joseph's Catholic Church, this area was previously known to be the location of the Biltmore Apartments in the 1940's and 1950's.  Anjette and her first husband, Ben F. Lyles Jr., lived here after there marriage in 1947.

2.  2790 vineville avenue

This one-story brick home was once the home of Anjette's parents, William and Jetta Donnovan.  Anjette moved into the Vineville bungalow with her two dauighters, Carla and Marcia in 1952 after the death of her first husband, Ben F. Lyles Jr.

3.  Pinewood Drive

After the 1955 death of Capital Airways pilot Buddy Gabbert, Anjette's second husband, she purchased this 3-bedroom/2-bath split level home in the quiet Northwoods subdivision.

4.  552 crisp Street

Located off Houston Avenue, not far from downtown Macon, this Crisp Street home was previously owned by Julia Lyles, Anjette's mother-in-law from her first marriage.  Anjette briefly lived with Julia at the Crisp Street home after the death of her husband Ben and before she moved to her parents home on Vineville Avenue.   After Julia's death in September 1957, Anjette listed this home on New Years Day 1958 with real estate agent Lewis Smith.  The Crisp Street home sold within a week.

5.  118 lamar street

This "rambling, old, high-ceilinged place with a broad front porch and tree shaded yard" was Anjette's childhood home.  Anjette lived with her two siblings and parents, Jetta and William Donovan on Lamar Street until she married Ben F. Lyles Jr. in October 1947.  With all of the Donovan children grown and having families of their own, William Donovan sold the Lamar Street home in 1953 and he and his wife Jetta moved less than a mile away to Vineville.

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