Top 5 Things You Might Not Know About Lake Wildwood

1.  Initially, LWW Was To Be A Vacation Retreat

Avland Development Company out of California originally created Lake Wildwood with the intent to be a vacation retreat for Atlantians.  However, this marketing strategy was unsuccessful, but lucky for Avland Development, residents of Macon had great interest in wanting to buy this community.  Thus, Lake Wildwood begins.


2.  Lake Wildwood Had Its Own Swim Team

Being that LWW was intended to be a vacation retreat, the community included several recreational amenities as a part of the original land developmnent plans.  LWW had and still has an Olympic size swimming pool; but did you know that there were enough kids in the community to support a swim team?  Well, it was and they were known as the Lake Wildwood Lakers.

3.  Lake Wildwood Housed Horse Stables

Back in the day you could learn how to ride a horse at Lake Wildwood.  One of the original amenities was horse stables.  Pepper, Bandit and Shondy were a few of the horses that used to give many a child and adult alike a trail ride or horseback riding lessons.  If you ever in LWW, look to your right before going down the small hill to the spillway and you may see a foundation from where the stables sat upon.    


4.  There Was Always Something To Do at Lake Wildwood 

For many years at LWW, there was an activities director for the community and they organized many fun events and competitive tournaments in putt putt golf, Frisbee golf, basketball, tennis, billiards and ping pong.  Besides the clubhouse and its surrounding area, there used to be an open field at the front gate where events would be held such as spring and summer festivals.  You could climb the greased pole to reach the cash prize at the top. There were also traditional activities like the three-legged race, potato sack race, dizzy bat, tug of war, etc.  Many a good time was had by all.

5.  Lake Wildwood Was Considered "Out In The Country"

Imagine living in a subdivision where you didn’t get the mail at the end of your driveway or a package at your front door?  Well, that was the case back in the beginning for residents of LWW.  Home owners post office boxes were located at the front of the subdivision (Zebulon Road Entrance) where they had to retrieve their mail and packages were left at the guard shack for pick up.  

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