Top 5 Macon Firsts

There are many exciting inaugural events that took place in our fair city.  Here are the Top 5 Macon Firsts.

1.  First electricity installation in macon

In the late 1800’s most public buildings and residences were illuminated by gas.  But in December 1882, the first electric lights were installed in Macon.  In 1883, placing its entire share in the market, the Brush Electric Light and Power Company, of Macon, transferred its franchise to Macon Gas Light and Water Company.

2.  First courthouse in Macon

Because a court house had not been built, the first Inferior Court in Macon was held on February 15, 1823 at the residence of John Keener.  In a double log cabin on a bluff named Beall’s Hill and neighboring to the site of today’s Mount de Sales Academy, the first indictment was for stabbing.

3.  first school in macon

“Arrangements were made for a building of an Academy on Academy Square, to be 36 feet long by 24 feet wide, and to contain one desk, four writing tables and nine benches.”  Under the academic direction of Rev. Oliver Danforth, Macon’s first school teacher, the Macon Academy held its inaugural school year in 1824.

4.  first brick building in macon

The need for banks within town arose to meet the demands of increased commerce.  The pre-cursor of these banks was the Branch Bank of Darien, who opened their doors to customers on October 30, 1825 in the first brick building built in Macon.  The Bank of Darien was located on the corner of Fifth and Cherry Streets; what is now the right side of the Terminal Station.




5.  first person interred in macon

According to city records, in 1825 a painter named John Clark was the first person to be buried in Macon.  Mr. Clark is buried in Macon’s original cemetery, Old City Cemetery, located on Sixth Street.