Top 5 Macon Music Artists to Watch

By Guest Gatekeeper Joey Stuckey     Read more about Joey here!

With Macon’s amazing talent, there is really no way to pick the top 5 artists to watch for in 2015: no way at all. There’s just too much talent. However, either because I am producing a recording for them; they were just on my TV show “Studio 41;” or because I just saw them live, I’ve listed the following outstanding artists taking up mental real estate in my mind right now. And I promise you will want to experience what they have going on in 2015!

…so, in no particular order, here it goes:

Katherine Daniel

First up this young lady has impressed me in so many ways! Some of you may have seen her at the Cherry Blossom Festival over the past few years or on WMGT’s “Studio 41” music segment (which airs on Wednesdays during ‘DayBreak’ Morning news show). About a year ago, she released her first recording, a song titled, ‘Be Brave.’ At the time, she was only 16 years old and had never recorded before. As her producer, I pretty much used the old approach some parents use at times when teaching their kids to swim: throw ‘em in and they’ll figure it out!

Katherine has a great voice and sense of lyricism and as good as ‘Be Brave’ is, her new EP coming out in Spring 2015 is even better. Combine the attitude of Meghan Trainor, the vocal styling of Michelle Branch and the musicality of Kelly Clarkson and you kind of have an idea of the magnitude of her talent. The EP is called ‘Live Loud’ and will be available all over the net.

In the meantime, check her single out at:

Savannah Alday

I met Savannah about a year and a half ago and she has grown remarkably as an artist since then. Her first single ‘Drop It Into Low,’ reminds me of the two country hits: ‘Bottoms Up’  and  ‘Hey Bartender.’

 You can check it out at:

Savannah has a new EP coming out this summer, but you can hear her new single  ‘Hard Edge Woman’ right now.This recording shows Savannah’s vocals as a more mature sounding artist that has truly come in to her own.

I highly recommend that you visit her website to you can keep track of this young lady. Her new single is also available at:



The Vineyard Band

While we are in country mode, let’s talk about regional favorites. The Vineyard Band is currently producing an EP with some of their crowd favorites including ‘Don’t Know Why.’  I love these guys - the blend of the male and female vocals by the Pierce siblings is really great and the music is similar to Hank Williams. The CD is raw and honest, just what you get with their popular live performances. You can check out a little taste of what the CD will sound like by checking out their WMGT Studio 41 episode at:

Big Mike & The Booty Papas

Next, let’s get our blues shoes on and get excited for the new offering from Macon’s perennial favorite blues group, Big Mike and the Booty Papas.

Mike and the gang are working on a brand new CD due out in 2015. This two-time Grammy nominated group is always a safe bet for top notch entertainment and great song writing. Make sure to catch them live around town and around the world - a real treat for Blues fans!

You can check them out on their website:

Tom Rule

Our last selection for 2015 is in the instrumental category. To call this jazz would be inaccurate even though it does have that flavor. Tom is one of the best musicians I know and also one of my best friends. There is no collusion here - he just has a plethora of talent and mad skills. You may know him from his years as a faculty member at Macon State College (currently known as Middle Georgia State College), as a keyboardist at local churches or perhaps as the man that plays keys for the Joey Stuckey Band. However you know him, I know you will agree that his music is something to be treasured. Over the years, Tom has done several albums (many with Christmas or Easter holiday music). He was also my partner in crime for my jazz album ‘Mixture,’ which reached #9 on the CMJ Top 40 Jazz charts for North America.

This fall, Tom is going to release his fourth album, titled ‘It Should Be Called CHRISTmas.’ This recording will feature some original material but will include many holiday songs with Tom’s unique arrangements. The holiday songs won’t include the uber popular (and over-played) tunes on holiday radio, so you’ll get to hear some cool holiday songs not heard often during the season. To get a little sample of what you can expect, check out this episode of  WMGT’s Studio 41:

You can learn more at


Here’s wishing all of Macon a wonderful 2015!

our guest gatekeeper 

Joey Stuckey is an award-winning blind guitarist, songwriter, singer, composer, producer, radio and television personality, music columnist, educator and sound engineer. He is also the official music ambassador for his home town of Macon Georgia.

Joey's guitar style is reminiscent of rocker Jeff Beck and jazzer Wes Montgomery, while his vocal influences range from Mel Torme to Gregg Allman. 

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