Top 5 Macon Now and Then

Just for fun, we  we rounded up a bunch of vintage photos of Macon and  set out to match them up with today's downtown.  With one photo as our muse (courtesy of a local photographer), we narrowed the bunches of photos down to four. We sent our photographer to similar locations around downtown Macon, and then blended the vintage photos from the same perspective

Ultimately, these overlays represent what happens when an single moment in time can reflect the key part of our city's revitalization.

1.  corner of Second Street and Cherry Street

Banking was an important catalyst for Macon's development and progression.  This image which we found online and used as our model, mixes modern day second street with a depression era photo of Jesse B. Hart, Macon National Bank President, as he urged customers not to withdraw their money from the bank and reassured citizens that the truck he was standing on was loaded with money.

2.  433 Cotton Avenue

Although today sections of what was historically known as Cotton Avenue are named differently, portions of the original Cotton Avenue neighborhood still exist.

3.  355 Cotton Avenue

This corner Cotton Avenue building has seen everything from horse drawn trailers loaded with bales of cotton to high speed car chases and a bus explosion and still remains unscathed.

4.  300 Block of Cotton Avenue

Modern day Cotton Avenue melts into the 1950's in this photo.   

5.  corner of cotton avenue and mulberry street

Macon, Georgia has preserved many of its early downtown commercial buildings, many dating from the late 19th century. 

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