Top 5 Made in Macon Part 1

Since one of the definitions of the word Macon is “to Make”…don’t believe it, check out our Top 5 Definitions of Macon list…our Gatekeepers decided to begin a series of Top 5 Made in Macon lists.  Check out part 1 below.

1.  YKK Fastening 

YKK Fastening does exactly what the name implies. It produces and markets fasteners, specifically Zippers, Hook and Loop, and Textile and Plastic Hardware.  Basically, if you look on the back of any zipper you will most likely see the letters YKK.  Go ahead and look.  That’s right, the world’s leading zipper manufacturer is here in Macon GA.  Today, YKK® brand fastening products are used around the world.

2.  Armstrong

You probably have heard the name before, but many still do not know what Armstrong is.  Armstrong is a leader in the design and manufacture of floors and ceilings for residential and commercial use.  Why is that a big deal? In 2013, Armstrong's consolidated net sales from continuing operations totaled approximately $2.7 billion. Based in Lancaster, Pa., Armstrong operates 35 plants (including a plant in Macon, GA) in eight countries with approximately 8,600 employees.

3.  Crown Candy Company

Did you know that Crown Candy Company is the largest supplier of coconut in the United States?  That’s right, Macon’s own Crown Candy Company dominated the specialty coconut candy scene.  But beyond their specialty, Crown Candy Company has been producing original quality candies for over 85 years.  So next time you pick up a box of Toasted Macaroons, check for the Crown Candy logo.

4.  Mrs. Griffin’s BBQ Sauce

You've seen Mrs. Griffin’s Barbecue Sauce on the shelves in stores such as Kroger, Publix, and Walmart, but did you know that is is made in Macon, GA?  Since 1935, Mrs. Griffin's BBQ Sauce has been made in Macon.  It isn’t made in a huge pot on a stove burner like it was by M.E. Griffin in 1935, but it is made in small batches in the bottling plant in Macon, Georgia. 

5.  Nichiha Fiber Cement

Founded in 1956, Nichiha Japan first began operations as a hardboard manufacturer, supplying dashboard and other components for the automobile industry. The company then expanded its interest into the fiber cement market, which led to the eventual development of fiber cement claddings; a category that would expand to include over 800 commercial and residential variations produced in 12 manufacturing facilities worldwide including a 300,000 square foot, state-of-the art manufacturing plant in Macon, GA.