Top 5 Places to Eat in Macon Under $5

This week's Top 5 will help you squeeze the absolute most out of $5.  Finding a filling and cheap meal is not a unicorn, and there's no need to resort to frozen burritos or step into McDonald's. It is very possible to find great meals at Macon restaurants for $5 and under.  Here are our Top 5 Places to Eat in Macon for $5 and Under.

1.  fincher's bbq

Fincher’s is the local’s foremost destination for delicious BBQ, burgers and steaks since 1935.  Fincher's Barbecue is one of the area's best-rated restaurants and you haven’t had delicious southern barbecue until you’ve had Fincher’s. .  A pig sandwich and an order of fries is a great option for under $5, and with so many inexpensive possibilities offered at Fincher’s you will have to return again and again. 

Fincher's Bar-B-Q

2.  lemongrass bistro

Dine at Harrison Ford and Jessica Alba’s choice for a downtown bistro setting.  Sit in a comfy couch style bench where the atmosphere at Lemongrass is always causal.  At Lemongrass, you can enjoy a wide range of delicious appetizers such as SUSHI and TAPAS for $5, Tuesday’s thru Friday from 3pm-6pm.

Lemongrass Thai Bistro

3.  sakura japanese restaurant

Gateway Macon Ga Top 5 Restaurants $5 Sakura Japanese Restaurant

For fresh Japanese hibachi, Macon's Sakura Japanese Restaurant has got everything you need. Sakura Japanese Restaurant is about making delicious food, not depleting your wallet.  For those in a rush, the restaurant has take-out service.  You can count on Sakura Japanese Restaurant to offer plenty of top-notch entrees for $5 and under with plenty of food to satisfy any appetite. All Entrees and Combinations at Sukura include fried rice, sweet carrots, and shrimp sauce.

4.  nu-way weiners

The famous Nu-Way Weiners serves up plenty of well-known specialties, but we all know that any of us would go a long way for a Nu-Way chili dog!  One chili dog is priced out at $1.89, but you can always double your chili dog order and still come out paying under $5.  With great side item options, you can grab an order of chili fries or a coke floating in their famous flaky ice.  Whatever combination you choose, you will never go wrong with Nu-Way.

Nu-Way Weiners

5.  ingleside village pizza

Eating at what locals refer to as IVP, can be a great deal for lunch or dinner.  A slice of pizza from Ingleside Village Pizza is not only filling, but a great deal.   One slice of pizza from their extensive menu will range anywhere from $2.00 - $3.50. Add on a salad or a drink and you got a great deal $5.00.

Ingleside Village Pizza

These little known Macon restaurants have won over the hearts of many.  From gas station dining to home cooking that is literally cooked at a home, check out our Top 5 Little Known Dining in Macon.