Top 5 Macon Media Personalities of the Past - TELEVISION

We asked you to vote on who you thought was the most memorable Macon Media Personalities of the Past and the response was huge!  The survey results are in and we are pleased to release your picks for the Top 5 Media Personalities of Macon's Past.

1.  bill powell

"In 1958, Bill moved to WMAZ in Macon as an announcer, doing station breaks during network programs as well as newscasts in the morning and at noon. Bill’s shift was over at 1PM and out of boredom he set up an index system of the WMAZ music library. AT the same time he and Jimmy Vinson, the morning man began to kid around after Powell finished his newscast. At first, the WMAZ management discouraged this banter and the two stopped the routine. A few months later they began to do it again and this time management encouraged them to continue.  He was on WMAZ until 1982 when he was offered the opportunity to move over to WMAZ TV as a weatherman, a position he held until his retirement in 1998."

2.  del ward

Ward was born and raised in Macon, Georgia. After graduating from Brenau College in Gainesville, Georgia, she worked briefly for WNEX Radio in Macon. She went on to work at WHOT Radio in South Bend, IN, and was the first female disc jockey there. After WHOT she went to WGN in Chicago where she became the nation's first all night female disc jockey. Following WGN she worked as a television and radio actress in New York and then as a disc jockey at KWK in St. Louis, MO. In 1954 she moved back to Macon, GA, and from 1957 until 1997 she worked at WMAZ Radio and Television producing and hosting Date with Del, a show which featured guest interviews and news about events, charities, and other organizations in the middle Georgia area.

3.  tina hicks

Once called the "Queen" of Macon TV, Tina Hicks, was the 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. anchor and reporter for 13 WMAZ from 1972-1999.   Tina Taylor Hicks later returned to the airwaves in 2001 and led a three-person anchor team during the station's 6:30 p.m. weeknight newscasts with Ron Wildman when Macon TV station WPGA debuted its early evening news.

4.  don king

Long time Middle Georgia TV and radio personality Don King is probably best known for his character “Wild Bill Peacock” on WMGT, Macon’s NBC affiliate.  Dressed as a cowboy with an oversized hat, he hosted many functions, but for kids during the 80’s it was his afternoon “Gerbil Derby” that they remember most, and his signature farewell: “Bye… buh-bye-bye… BYE!”  Mr. King was inducted into the Georgia Radio Hall Of Fame in October of 2009.

5.  ron wildman

Ron Wildman began his career in the 1970’s at Macon’s news leader, WMAZ.  The former broadcaster later became a news anchor when he moved to WPGA-TV when WPGA first aired short morning and evening News Briefs featuring news footage narrated by former WMGT-TV, WMAZ-TV and WGXA news. After working in television news for more than 30 years, Wildman was hired by former Mayor Jack Ellis as the city’s public affairs officer. Wildman took the job in 2000 and continued after Reichert took office.

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