Top 5 Hauntings of Mercer University

Leaving the comforts of home and heading off to college for the first time can be a very exciting and scary experience, especially if your University shares its campus with the unseen.  Almost every college and university has at least one legend or ghost story, but can Mercer University lay claim to the title of most haunted?

1.  Porter hall

For years, incoming freshman claim that Porter Hall is haunted.  The fourth floor remains locked and some account that the spirit(s) that inhabit the dorm still stalks the area.  Students have reported hearing loud noises and sounds of wooden chairs being dragged across hardwood floors coming from the locked floor.  The locked area is currently used as attic/storage space and only the dormitory Resident Advisor has access to the key.  When loud noises and bumps occur, students have reported the instances to their Resident Advisors only to find out that no one has been in the locked area.


2.  willingham hall

Photo by Jason Walraven

Willingham is believed to house a entire repository of ghosts. According to legend, a Confederate soldier who was killed in action, in or around this area and has since returned to the hollowed ground on which the chapel was built; although it is unconfirmed if this ghost is to be accountable for all the sightings or if multiple ghosts haunt the area. There have been accounts of hearing wooden floors creaking from concrete and single patches of freezing cold air in an otherwise warm room from Mercer Police during their evening rounds.


3.  the back door theater

Some claim there is a ghost or ghosts that haunt the Back Door Theater.  Students have reported that they have periodically heard strange noises and unexplained movement of props and other items in the theater.  Previous students claim seeing lights that go off and on by themselves and student actors have reported that there is a presence of something that they cannot see but only feel.


4.  kappa alpha lodge

The former site of the Kappa Alpha fraternity lodge shelters the spirit of a woman killed by her spouse before the school was founded.   During Mercer’s construction in the 1800’s, the original resting place of the wife’s remains were found, but her ghost still seems to haunt the area to this day. When the Kappa Alpha lodge was  located in the former Greek Row, several students claim to have been upstairs in the house “studying for an exam, and when they were finished they closed the window and turned off all the lights in the house and locked the door.” Once the students were outside, however, they turned around to see all the windows open and the lights in the room were turned on. Other haunted accounts from students who lived in the Kappa Alpha house are claims of footsteps in empty halls, doors closing to rooms with no one in them, and lights expectantly turning on and off.

5.  boone hall

Located behind Dowell, on the top floor of Boone Hall, there is a hall that contains a locked room with a window that has been blacked out.   Sometime in the school’s early history, a woman who was enrolled in the University committed suicide on that floor after she was denied acceptance into a sorority, and after her death the room was locked and left unoccupied. But there are still reports and claims of a ghostly figure that walks the hall of the locked area and in the winter when the weather turns cold, students claim to see an apparition hanging in the center balcony.

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