Top 5 Missing From Macon Part 2

The response to this Top 5 List has been so overwhelming we are going to publish a TOP 25 Places we miss in Macon! Please help us pick the TOP 25 by adding your favorite place that has gone the way of the dinosaur on our Facebook page. Or send us an email 

Here are just some of the suggestions; Woolworth downtown, Leo's restaurant, The Green Jacket, Media Play, Showbiz pizza, The Quails Nest, Godfather's Pizza, Westgate movie theater, the Pig & Whistle, Wendell's, O'Leary's Pub, The Cottage, Piggly Wiggly,...

Keep the suggestions coming and we will have the TOP 25 done soon!

1.  Len Berg’s Restaurant

For nearly 100 years, Len Berg’s served down-home cooking with a side of sweet tea.  Sadly after falling into hard times financially, this iconic Macon restaurant was forced to close its doors.  Everyone in Macon remembers this place, and every June you would see a billboard that simply said “H.M.F.P.I.C. – You Know Where.”  For those who missed this jewel, H.M.F.P.I.C. stood for Homemade Fresh Peach Ice-cream, which was made from locally grown peaches.  It is rare that you hear of a restaurant staying in business for 1 year let alone 100, but this classic southern restaurant definitely holds a special place in Macon, GA history.

2.  Joshua Cup Coffee

This local favorite was hands-down the favorite coffee shop in Macon for 12 years.  However it closed in 2012 leaving a void in all of our hearts.  Located at 1090 Washington Ave (across from Washington Library), this quaint spot caffeinate us all with exotic coffees, smoothies, and the best lattes in town.  If you as a Maconite about Joshua Cup, they are sure to have a story to share and will tell you how much they miss this local business.

3.  Bibb Theater

Opened in late-1938, and remodeled internally in 1963, The Bibb Theater is still considered a cinematic treasure.  It served as both a performing arts and movie theater which peaked in the late 70’s.  Bibb Theater also makes a guest appearance in the 1979 film “Wise Blood”.

4.  The Fountain at Tattnall Park

This popular park has a long history in Macon, but is missing one if its grand features.  Tattnall park was once the home of a beautiful fountain.  The fountain remained in the park for years after it stopped working, and was finally removed in the 1960's.

5.  Regal Cinemas

Newcomers to Macon may only know about Amstar Theater, but Macon used to have two modern movie theaters.  Regal Cinemas opened a megaplex in 1991 on Tom Hill Sr. Blvd.  It changed ownership and was renovated as The Edge Theater in November 2010.  However due to financial issues, the theater closed for good in September 2011.