Top 5 Macon Facts

1.  The Ocmulgee gold nugget

One of the largest gold nuggets ever found east of the Mississippi river was discovered in Macon, Georgia in 1888. Unearthed along the banks of the Ocmulgee river at Dames Ferry crossing the nugget weighted in at unbelievable 126 ounces. The lucky prospector that discovered this monster, Later to be known as “The Ocmulgee Nugget”, was rumored to be a world renowned gold digger from the Klondike territory who once heard a tale about Creek Indian legend of a shiny river rock located near the Ocmulgee Temple Mound in Macon, Ga. Today, The Ocmulgee Nugget is on display at the Smithsonian Institute and is valued at $189,231.00

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2.  Piranha Fish caught in Bloomfield Creek

Shortly after the great flood of 1994 that devastated Macon with 44 inches of rain in just 12 hours, a local fisherman claimed to have caught a Piranha fish in Bloomfield Creek. The Piranha is an omnivore species that is indigenous to the Amazon River basin. The Georgia state Fish & Game special investigation unit sent a team of detectives to Macon to verify the discovery of Piranha in a Bloomfield creek.  After the fish was indeed deemed to be a flesh eating Piranha, the creek was closed for 48 hours while state officials scoured the area for more deadly fish. Researchers at the University of Paraguay performed an autopsy on the specimen found in Macon and determined it was probably an exotic fish collector who lost his Piranha in the flood. 

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3.  Macon Bootleggers 

At the height of the Prohibition years it has been reported that two of the bigger names in the Bootleg liquor business used Macon as a stopping point for illegal shipments between Miami and New York. Myer Lansky and Lucky Luciano were rumored to have used a historic residence near Cotton Avenue in Macon as a resting place during long haul road trips. The two infamous criminals became so fond of the local area and the old historic home they purchased that they actually applied for a Bed & Breakfast license in 1927. The License filed under the business name of Lucky Lulu’s B&B , but was never issued after Lansky & Luciano were arraigned on Federal racketeering charges in 1928.

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4.  Meteor Strikes Macon

Geologists at Macon State University have recently proven that the local Kaolin mines were formed by a meteorite strike sometime during the Mesozoic era. University researchers made the discovery during routine test of nickel-iron alloys levels in the popular white clay mines east of Macon. Scientists have long questioned the formation of the Kaolin mines that are unique to only a handful of known locations around the world. Up until the recent discovery of meteor impact signs, the most common theory about Kaolin’s creation was related to ocean sediment dating back to when Macon was located under the Atlantic Ocean about 2000 years ago. The findings of the Macon State University research team will be presented in the Journal of American Geology later this year.

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5.  The Beatles Jam in Macon

The Fab Four from Liverpool once played an impromptu concert in Macon, Georgia. Late in the year 1962 The Beatles were on the first tour of the US when their plane was forced to make an unscheduled landing at the Lewis B Wilson airport in Macon. While the plane was being serviced John, Paul, George and Ringo decided to venture into the city to dine at the soon to be famous H&H soul food restaurant. Unfortunately, the band forgot to bring any money with them to pay for their meal. Per the policy at H&H back in the day, if you could not pay then you had to play! The Beatles played two songs before their manager showed up to take the lads back to their plane. There is still a small picture hanging on the wall at H&H commemorating the day the Beatle’s had to Twist and Shout for their dinner.                      

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