Top 5 Most Haunted Worth The Drive

Why wait for Halloween to find ghosts!  From haunted grounds to abandoned asylums, check out these Top 5 Most Haunted Worth The Drive.

1.  Georgia's Haunted Insane Asylum - Milledgeville

​The abandoned Central State Hospital (formerly known as Georgia State Lunatic, Idiot and Epileptic Asylum, Georgia State Sanitarium and Milledgeville State Hospital) can be found on and around Jones Drive in Milledgeville, Georgia.  Many believe the Georgia State Lunatic, Idiot and Epileptic Asylum to be haunted due to the years it has been around (172 years). It is observed that over 30,000 patients are buried in 6 cemeteries of Georgia State Sanitariums sprawling 1,750 acres of land.

2.  Kennesaw House - Marietta

Of all the alleged haunted places in Marietta, perhaps the most fascinating is the Kennesaw House.  Most of the ghostly activity that has been widely reported in the Kennesaw House seems to stem from the use of the building as a makeshift hospital and morgue during the war. Television documentaries from PBS, CNN, and The History Channel have told the story of visitors who descended to the basement in the elevator, only to be greeted by the gruesome site of a crowded hospital room, men screaming in agony, blood everywhere, as weary surgeons operated and removed limbs with little or no anesthesia.

3.  Warren House - Jonesboro

The Warren House was used as a hospital during the Civil War. While at the house many soldiers carved their names in the wall. At night a figure of a soldier can be seen holding a candle and looking out the window. There have been several reports of this. There is supposedly a bloodstain still on the floor in the attic. The confederate cemetery across the street is said to be haunted as well.

4.  Gaither Plantation - Covington

Many people grow up on old southern ghost stories in Covington, Georgia. One of the more chilling ghost stories is that of Gaither Plantation. The plantation has been around for more than 150 years. It has seen murder, slave labor, and Confederate soldiers who had to hide to save their lives. With these stories you can only imagine the ghosts who like to stay around the Gaither Plantation.

5.  Hanging Grounds - Senoia

This site, off of Padgett Road, near Starr’s Mill, once belonged to Old Man Padgett. Stories say that long ago, as an execution was taking place, the man broke loose and hanged Old Man Padgett from the railroad bridge nearby. Although the tracks are no longer used, phantom trains have been heard here, and Padgett’s ghost has been seen, said to be searching for his killer.

Honorable Mention:

The entire City of Savannah

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