Top 5 Things To Know About A Professional Paranormal Investigative Organization

Over the course of the past ten years many aspects of the paranormal field have been mainstreamed into most people's living rooms. Though the door into the world of the paranormal field has been peeled back, many aspects of a professional paranormal organization have remained cloaked and hidden. In order to truly understand the paranormal field, one must understand how a professional paranormal team is conducted. To aid in the proverbial paranormal light being shed, Shannon Ray - Founder of Middle Georgia Paranormal offers up a Top Five List of Important Facts to Know About a Professional Paranormal Investigative Organization. 

1. Paranormal organizations do not charge fees for consultations or investigations 

Professional groups within the paranormal field do not expect any type of monetary value for work and services they conduct. However, most professional factions do accept donations. Though a professional organization may not require the collection of compensation for the services they render, donations would be gratified. The success of any paranormal faction and their abilities to serve their community depends heavily on donations given by clients and the outside population. The money spent and invested to help those in need is usually given and spent out of the finances of every member within the paranormal organization. A complete professional investigation requires a huge amount of time, various expensive investigative equipment, and a multitude of travel expenses. These types of financial expenses can limit the work done within the paranormal field if others are not willing to help and donate to the causes which render them services in their times of need. 

2. Being a professional investigator within paranormal field is NOT just a hobby

After spending most of my adult life within the paranormal field, this gatekeeper can say with full confidence this is NOT a hobby. A majority of professional investigators, if not all, have regular full time jobs, families, children, spouses, friends, and numerous other typical activities. Most paranormal investigators invest thousands of dollars a year of their own income to take on client investigations to help families all over the area they reach. I can say with an abundant amount of certainty that social lives suffer greatly because most weekends of an investigator are filled with investigations and the review of captured audio and video. Being a true asset within the paranormal field cannot be viewed as a leisurely vacation or hobby. Frankly, being a paranormal investigator is emotionally, mentally, and physically draining. So why would anyone volunteer for this madness to consume their lives? The answer might be simpler then one might think. The path of a paranormal investigator is a calling. From my personal perspective, I would feel incomplete without the work that I do within the paranormal field. Since the young age of 10, I have been called into the paranormal field by a enchanting allure that not everyone can understand. This gatekeeper can say without a doubt that no matter what misconceptions may exist, this field is where my journey was supposed to lead. 

3. Not every "collection" of people are professional paranormal organization 

There is no politically correct way to say this, but be careful about the people you invite into your home. There are individuals out there who see various shows on television and decide they will gear up with a "ghost app" on their cell phone and ride full throttle into your home. Any clown with a balloon can name a group of people a clever paranormal name and create a free dot something website. Then in the minds of these people they are ready to come into your home. NOT! Being a professional paranormal investigator requires experience, extensive training, various equipment, and complete dedication to those whom they serve. If you have a paranormal concern which needs help, please do some simple research. Legitimate paranormal organizations have an authentic dot com website which they pay for and maintain. All professional organizations within the field have a clearly written mission statement and outline their practices during an investigation. 

4. Most professional paranormal organizations are not in the business of removing spirits 

Any well versed paranormal investigator can tell you there is no guarantee to the control and removal of any spirits within a residence or location. This gatekeeper typically encourages homeowners to co-exist and find empowerment with the inhabitants that share their home. I am fully aware that many of you reading this right now are probably sharing a few choice words with me, but hear me out. I, personally, have always perceived that any spirit within any residence or location could be someone's grandfather, grandmother, mother, father, brother, sister, child, etc. I could go on and on about the possibilities of spirit family connections within the world we live in, but my main point is to focus on the perception of a spirit who passed is someone's special somebody. How would you feel to know your loved one was viciously attempted to be removed from the one place of happiness they found after their passing? I can answer full heartedly in knowing that a majority would not find comfort in this. In addition to the moral obligations of spirit removal, a huge factor is that no one thing can make a spirit or entity leave a residence or location. Having a spirit within your immediate environment is not as easily solved as an impending sickness diagnosed and treated by a medical professional. There are no black and white correct ways to remove every single spirit at any given location. Each circumstance has to be addressed and handled on a case by case circumstance. 

5. The best professional paranormal organizations will be honest 

During the time that a paranormal group digitally covers and investigates a residence or location, there is a real possibility that no scientific evidence of the paranormal will be captured. Why? Despite every best effort, sometimes paranormal factions have to tell those they serve that they came up empty handed. Does this mean the person or people whom experienced paranormal occurrences are crazy or misguided? Absolutely not. The time that is spent within any location is only a brief snapshot of time constantly spent there by any number of other individuals. Locations that are not extremely haunted often render no scientific evidence such as audio recordings, videos, or photographic evidence. Any paranormal team that strains in attempt to present the belief that your location is haunted is absolutely not accurate or professional. Why would someone come into your home and pull at straws to simply scare you? Unfortunately the answer relates back to the lack training and proper information before embarking into private client investigations. A true professional paranormal organization has no issue when they turn up no scientific evidence, but for some "clowns" the lack of evidence reflects an inability to be a "cool" paranormal team. This type of team is not professional, the most amazing teams out there strive to serve and to be completely honest with those whom they serve. 

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