Top 5 Boutiques of Macon Past

Once upon a time, these Top 5 businesses offered Macon and surrounding areas a destination for the most unique and exclusive shopping experience around.  Whether you were looking for the hottest brands or those one-of-a-kind items, these 5 boutiques of Macon Past were your one stop shop.


1.  midnight pickle

3045 Vineville Avenue
Macon, Georgia 31204

Located on the corner of Vineville and Vista, The Midnight Pickle was a one-of-a-kind boutique that was loved by all ages.  Stocked full of fun and stylish clothing, shoes and accessories, owner Joanna Jones amassed the latest trends for Macon; and was the only store in Middle Georgia that carried Katrina jewelry.  Sadly, after 13 years The Midnight Pickle closed its doors and Jones became a real-estate broker with Sheridan, Solomon & Associates.


2.  cornucopia

438 Second Street
Macon, Georgia  31201

Once located in the cardinal of downtown Macon's Second Street, Cornucopia was the "it" boutique in the late 1970's for women in the middle Georgia area.  For years, owner Rose Lane Leavell filled the void for innovative fashion and accessories that stayed true to her unique style.  Leavell's direction for Cornucopia was having an eclectic mix of gifts and fashion brands for the young and progressive shopper.

3.  the mole hole

Riverside Drive and Wimbish Road
Macon, Georgia  31204

Mr. Mole's house in the children's story "Wind in the Willows," was the inspiration for the naming of the magical gift shop, THE MOLE HOLE.  The original store was opened in Michigan by a former school teacher, in an underground shop beneath the local general store.  The name, coupled with that original location, perpetuated a fairytale magic that carried over into its Macon store.


4.  forester's

Riverside Drive @ Pierce Avenue
Macon, Georgia 31204

In 1973, Jack Forester left his job at the now defunct Charter Medical Corporation and moved back to Macon with his first wife Maxine and opened Forester's Gifts on Riverside Drive.  Forester's Gifts stocked unique, high-quality gifts that focused on boutique store product offerings, refined decor and personalized stationary.  Forester's offered a great selection of gifts and small-town charm that afforded a perfect shopping experience for its customers.  Over the years, nonetheless, Jack Forester tinkered in other industries and later convinced himself to enter into the furniture business.  Leaving his second wife Kathy to manage Forester's Gifts, Jack Forester went to work for CWC Office Furniture.  Bad news came when R.E. Lines, the jeweler housed inside Foresters, closed their business and moved it to Highlands, N.C.  Forester's Gifts closed in April 1996 after 22 years in business.

5.  sally's

4535 Forsyth Road
Macon, Georgia  31210

Sally's Antiques and Interiors has been touted as the "first and longest-lasting business to locate on Forsyth Road in the mid-1980s." Sally Anderson Caldwell opened her doors in November 1984 offering customers bridal china, antique furnishings, gifts and porcelain creations.  Also, Sally's was the only place in Middle Georgia that carried hand painted decorative plates from Faberge.  Caldwell stocked her store with one-of- a-kind items from her travels across the world and Caldwell's inventory graced some of the finest homes in Macon.  At the age of 65 and after twenty years in business, Sally Caldwell closed the doors of the infamous pink building in 2005 to spend more time with her family and friends.

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