Top 5 Things You Didn't Know About the Pig 'N Whistle

From its humble British beginnings to its journey to America, the Pig'n Whistle has swept the globe with astounding popularity. Back in 1927, movie theaters didn’t have concession stands in their lobbies. In order to satisfy movie-goers who wanted to eat a good meal before seeing a film, a family restaurant and soda fountain opened up and so began the history of the Pig'n Whistle.  But how much do you know about the Pig'n Whistle's that were in Macon?  Here are 5 things you may not know.

1.  The Pig'n Whistle comes to Georgia

The first Pig'n Whistle came to Atlanta in 1927 and was owned by Harold T. Hagen for some years until it was taken over by the Campbell Coal Company of Atlanta until it's closing in the 1960's. Other locations were opened in the 1920's through the 1940's which included locations in, Macon, Augusta, Albany and Sanford, Florida. The Macon location quickly became the most famous of them all! Opening it's doors originally on Forsyth Road near Idle Hour Country Club.

2.  mcdonald's was not honest when it came to advertising

Advertising slogans have been part of the restaurant business for many years now. One famous slogan that can still be seen is “ Over 1 Billion Sold”. In the 1950's the slogan of the Golden Arches read, “Over One Million Sold”. Credit was given to McDonald's for that slogan, though it did not originate with them. The very first advertising campaign to use that slogan was none other than, Pig'n Whistle throughout the South in the 1930's.

Sorry Ronald.


3.  the pig'n whistle had 4 locations in macon

The first Pig'n Whistle location was near Idle Hour Country Club on Forsyth Road on what used to be called Dixie Hwy. The second and most popularly known location was on Georgia Ave. The third Pig'N Whistle was on Hwy 247 near Seven Bridges and lastly on Riverside Drive near the old Captain D's.


4.  the first pig'n whistle originated across the pond

"Long ago in Merry Old England, the symbol of a Pig and Whistle was a tavern sign derived from 'Piggen Wassail.'  Another story has it that the symbol of the pig and whistle was used as tavern signs because so many people were unable to read and the sign stood for food and drink.  We are unable to say at what date the sign was first used, but as early as 1554 a drinking vessel was called a piggen.  Over 150 years ago there was a tavern in England called Pig'n Whistle.  It became quite famous for serving good food and beverages to the hungry and thirsty travelers of that day."

5.  the first pig'n whistle in america

According to Veronica Gelakoska's book “Images of America, Pig'n Whistle,” “The Pig'n Whistle Corporation had it's beginnings in the aftermath of San Francisco's great earthquake and fire of 1906. After the fires, the mass exodus from the city included John H. Gage, proprietor of the Hotel America on Market Street, which burned to the ground. Gage decided to move his family to Los Angeles.  A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Gage opened a new business – a candy shop and soda fountain named Pig'n Whistle – next door to Los Angeles third city hall. Pig'n Whistle was advertised in the phone book as a “High Class Candy and Luncheon Place”.

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