Top 5 Places in Macon to Watch the Georgia Bulldogs

Marino Casem said it best "On the East Coast, football is a cultural experience. In the Midwest, it's a form of cannibalism. On the West Coast, it's a tourist attraction. And in the South, football is a religion, and Saturday is the holy day."
Nothing says more about a Southerner than the team he cheers on Saturdays.  Here are our TOP 5 Places in Macon to Watch the Georgia Bulldogs.  GO DAWGS!

1.  twang

Twang Southern Tastes & Sounds always has great food and drink specials for College Football Saturday. On any given game day you will find an excited crowd ready to cheer on the local favorite. They do feature a very large 127 inch HD projection screen so the viewing is focused on a game of the week theme. When it comes to a wide selection of adult beverages TWANG is a great choice which is further evidenced by their selection as Gateway Macon's Top 5 Best places for Happy Hour. So, get the gang ready and head to Twang to watch the big game this Saturday, be sure to come hungry and thirsty, because they have plenty of options to fulfill both needs!

2.  just tap'd

A really unique growler bar located in downtown Macon that has over 65 taps that showcases the full rainbow of beer types (lightest lager to the darkest coffee stout). They also have a vast selection of ciders and sodas for the young crowd. Just Tap’d has 3 flat screens to watch football and regular live music. Just Tap’d is definitely a unique place to spend a Saturday afternoon in Macon watching the game.

3.  macon beer company

Leave the collared button-down and Sunday fancy pants at home. The only thing you need to show off at Macon Beer Company is a love for craft beer and football. Family owned and operated,  Macon Beer Company is a production brewery located in historic downtown Macon, GA. Engineering Great Beer, every day. Football and Beer, what better way to spend a Saturday! Macon Beer Company opens at 12 noon on Saturdays just in time for the game!

4.  wagers sports bar

Wagers Sports Bar features plenty of screens that make watching the any number of College football games as easy as possible. There is plenty of room to bring a crowd of your fellow team fans with you on most Saturday’s.  The staff and management are accommodating and there are always plenty of cold beverages, munchies and bar games to keep you comfortable.  If you can’t go see your team in person then head to Wagers Sports Bar and watch them play in comfort.

5.  wild wing cafe

Wild Wing Cafe is big favorite with the College Football Fans in Macon, GA. On any given Saturday you are sure to find a large crowd gathered to enjoy some tasty wings and cheer on their favorite team. As with most chain restaurants the experience varies depending on the local management and this Wild Wing location consistently get good reviews from the locals, so they are doing the parent company proud in Macon. The service is consistent and for a popular North Macon destination and the staff handles the crowds well. As for sports viewing the assortment and placement of TV screens is pretty good and the sports fans are polite. This location also hosts the coaches show for Mercer Football and packs in a good audience to support our home team Bears.


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