Top 5 Places For Hiking and the Outdoors

Long known as a "City In A Park", Macon and her residents have long had a connection to the Great Outdoors.  Here are the Top 5 places to hike and enjoy the outdoors in Macon.

1. Ocmulgee National Monument

Gateway Macon Top Five Hiking Outdoors
Photo: National Park Service

Ocmulgee National Monument

Home to the Ocmulgee Indian Celebration, over a thousand years of history, and over 5 miles of wooded trails, await you at one of Macon's premiere destinations.



2. Ocmulgee Heritage Trail

Gateway Macon Top Five Hiking Outdoors Heritage Trail

Ocmulgee Heritage Trail

The Ocmulgee Heritage Trail serves as Middle Georgia’s first riverside trail that provides residents with a place to walk, run, bike, and skate. The initiative has expanded to include plans for amenities such as trail heads, boat launches, river access, river outlooks, and environmental education centers.



3. Hitchiti Trail

Gateway Macon Top Five Hiking Outdoors Hitchiti Trail


Hitichiti Trail

This trail is a 2.5 mile trail in the Hitchiti Experimental Forest that follows Falling Creek and the Ocmulgee River.




4. Lake Tobesofkee

Gateway Macon Top Five Hiking Outdoors Lake Tobesofkee


Lake Tobesofkee

Lake Tobesofkee's features include outdoor activities such as swimming, fishing, or camping. It also has approximately 7 miles of trail in Arrowhead Park for walking or biking.



5. Wesleyan College Arboretum

Gateway Macon Top Five Hiking Wesleyan Arboretum

Wesleyan College Arboretum

The Wesleyan College Arboretum was established in 1996 as an ecological study area, wildlife refuge, and recreation resource for the college.  More than two miles of trails interlace the forest and provide year-round opportunities for strolling, hiking, and cross-country running.




BONUS LOCATION: Amerson River Park

Amerson River Park

Reopened June of 2015 after a multi-million dollar improvement project, Amerson River Park contains 180 acres of pristine forests, 3 and 1/2 miles of trails, meadows, and wetlands surrounded by a river oxbow. The park boasts several high bluffs that provide beautiful views of the River and its banks.  However, Amerson River Park is more than just a beautiful place to admire nature.  From a state-of-the-art playground to a canoe launch, the Park offers exciting amenities that families, adventurous outdoorsmen, and nature lovers will enjoy.

NOTICE: Amerson River Park is only open weekends in June until final refurbishment is complete.

-Your Gatekeepers

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